Writing Prompt #5

Growing up, I had very, very long hair that was usually tinged green from all my time spent in chlorinated water.  Growing up in the desert meant that you spent the majority of your time in the pool during those blazing summer months.  Any time we made up imaginary games, I was a mermaid.  Splash was one of my favorite movies.  The Little Mermaid still is.  So you can imagine my delight upon finding this image.


Happy Writing!

*Image by Lindsay Rapp @ lindsayrappgallery.com


3 thoughts on “Writing Prompt #5

  1. Hello! I am the photographer of that image! so cool to find it on your website 🙂 just curious, how did you find it? thank you! my email is art@lindsayrappgallery.com and my website is lindsayrappgallery.com -i am not a professional photographer, but took/edited this picture to become a painting! 🙂 thanks so much for posting/enjoying my work! I love mermaids too ❤

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    • This is one of my favorite fantasy images ever! Thank you for such a great piece! I’m overly fond of Pinterest, I’m guessing I found it there, but I discovered it at least a couple of years ago, so I’m not certain. I’ll be sure to update the image with your information to ensure you not only get credit which you rightly deserve, but will hopefully help others find you as well. Thank you again!


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