Feeling Like My Old Self Again

Sometimes we have to let things goHello, my friends!  I hope this post finds you all well!

First off, thank you for sticking around while I get my life (back) together.  After one of the worst moves I’ve ever had, and I’ve done six in five years (7 by the time we move into a place – yes, we are currently homeless, but not destitute thanks to a friend.  We are sleeping on an air mattress in her living room while all our belongings hang out in storage) so by now I’m sort of a pro, I’m starting to return to my abnormal normal.  I still have quite of bit of work ahead of me and I’m nowhere near my old routine, but all the stress has left me, I’m around some of my best friends, I have job prospects, and I’m feeling the desire to write again.

Last night I was compelled and it was almost like, “Oh, hey, there you are”, but I wasn’t sure where to begin after so much time.  So I opened up the fanfic and realized that the last few times I wrote it, I’ve been completely scattered and so the story is a little less than cohesive, so even my escape writing will require a little attention.

So, although I’m not quite myself, returning to my blog and all of you is the first step back in the right direction.  I’ll soon have some posts regarding Los Angeles (advice and what-have-you), moving advice for those who may want it (I’ve got stories and some tips), movie reviews (I’ve watched a few), writing prompts and tips, and general geek insight (Dragon Age Inquisition is coming! Iron Man is joining Captain America 3!  Have I mentioned my new fixation with Cap?  Chris Evans is adorable, but it’s Captain America the character I adore in general.  I have the lovely ladies over at The Collective to thank for that.).

And something I learned rather quickly was that change, even when unwanted or unexpected, can sometimes be for the best.  I struggled with the decision to leave LA, but I’ve found a sense of relief at letting go of the struggle.  That’s not quite the right word, but you understand my meaning.  My friends have been concerned that I might give up my writing, but they shouldn’t.  A relocation will not thwart any effort to accomplish my goals.  In fact, being able to find work, being surrounded by friends, and living in an affordable environment are all facets to a more well rounded life and encouraging mindset to facilitate my writing.  So, here’s to getting back on track!

Wishing you all the best!


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