The inspiration for this particular piece is very personal.  A few years ago, I started seeing the number 217 everywhere, and I mean everywhere.  There was an off ramp near my house, every time I looked at the clock (day or night), the change I’d receive at the store, a lotto ticket, a variety of incidents on the TV…it became such a regular occurrence that I stopped being surprised…after a while.  The significance?  My birthday, February 17th.  I looked into the meaning of recurring numbers and there were a few different explanations, and I discovered a few other interesting things about numbers, so I decided to write about it.

Tagline —

If life and death are cyclical, how do you achieve your ideal future when a past life mistake has altered your present course?

Theberge-RomanceSnippet (currently in rewrites):  Hannah leads a fairly lonely life.  Her only comforts are her sister, her best friend, and her favorite Jane Austen, Persuasion.  She’s looking for romance, chivalry, and a gentleman straight out of her favorite book, but in this modern day and age, the likelihood of finding such a man are practically non-existent.  So when she starts seeing her birthdate, 2-17, repeatedly and incessantly, a sign that something might be missing in her life, (after some insisting) she decides to do something about it, in England.

But things do not go as planned upon her arrival.  An accident leaves Hannah teetering between this world and the afterlife, and it is here she learns that life and death have a cycle, and that she and her “true love” are on different tracks.  How are they ever going to get their happily ever after when one of them doesn’t even exist in this world?

*Claude Theberge’s Romance – my touchstone, the image I held dear while writing.

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