I’ve always wanted to write a spy story.  I am still a huge fan of both La Femme Nikita and Alias, so I knew I wanted my lead to be a kick-ass female protagonist.  There was a story line in La Femme Nikita that they never explored and it always lingered in the back of my mind.  This was one of the inspirations.

The others?  There was a script I started while still in college about creating weapons out of cloned agents; little kids being integrated with computer chips, etc., I called it Genesis, and the Japanime film, Elfen Lied (I blogged about it).  The opening sequence struck a chord with me; a young girl, wearing only a special helmet, is walking slowly down a long corridor taking out everything in her path, invisibly.  So I started to think of a variation on these ideas and I came up with this.

Tagline —

In a world where astral projectionists are used and exploited by agencies for their own means, one woman decides to fight against those who would use her ability in the name of science and peace.


Snippet (currently in its first draft):  Artemis is seventeen, just biding her time until she can officially escape her podunk town and good-for-nothing father.  But she’s recently learned that she has a special ability, one that the government has already taken notice of, and they come knocking.

IFA is a covert agency with “special” agents; projectionists, those who can leave their bodies.  They are a useful weapon in an ever changing global climate.  When Artemis first arrives at IFA, she feels like a lab animal, always under surveillance and treated with an almost reverence.  It isn’t until years later, while on a mission, that she learns that there may be more going on at IFA than she’s been led to believe.

*Mily Knight’s Espionage 101 from DeviantArt – my touchstone, the image I hold dear while writing.

Take a visual journey via Pinterest.


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