I wrote a post about this particular piece; the personal inspiration (a man named Nicholas), the influences (Greek mythology), and that troublesome third act (probably because I haven’t found my own happy ending…yet).  Here’s the “working” tagline —

When the Greek gods are involved, your happily ever after could be two steps, or two lifetimes, away.

Psyche Entering Cupid's GardenSnippet:  When Magdalen and Nikolos first meet, pre-Fall of Rome, he is a servant in her house.  Hera, Queen of the Gods, unhappy in her marriage and looking for a little vengeance upon her husband, the philandering Zeus, finds Nikolos a welcome respite.  When her advances are rebuffed, she lashes out setting off a chain of events that not only affect the star-crossed lovers, but the natural order of the mortal world.

It will take The Fates, the sisters of destiny, the mortals, and the help of an unlikely ally a thousand odd years to hopefully, set it all right.

*Waterhouse’s Psyche Entering Cupid’s Garden – my touchstone, the image I held dear while writing.

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