Fairy Tale (Part II)

The more I learned about Morgan, my fairy, and her world, the more I wanted to explore it.  As I wrote on the excerpt page of Part I, I have had numerous ideas.  After writing the novel, from the screenplay, more things became clear.  This was not just a story about a girl finding herself, the nature of family, and first love, but also about the environment (fairies are innately bound to the earth) and the destructive nature of humans.  I didn’t realize it upon the first draft of the first story, but the more invested I became, the more I knew I didn’t want this to just be a “fluff” piece.  As you are aware, fiction allows writers to shine a light on subjects, and fantasy “insists that the writer address the cultural, societal, and political times in which they live”.  (I’m not sure where I read that, but I have it tacked to my wall.)  And so Part II was born.

Tagline — (something like…)

When you’re a supernatural creature capable of untold power, and the lives of not only your loved ones, but all of humanity are threatened, how far are you willing to go to protect them?

Roberts-AngelofDarknessSnippet (in rewrites):  Morgan, Bryn, and her allies have overcome a major obstacle in defeating the tyrant who had been holding the fairy land in oppression and fear, but that was only the beginning.  They soon learn that there is a new threat, a rogue leader with followers threatening the human world, someone from Bryn’s past, long thought dead.

Part of this rogue’s plan is to turn Morgan “to the dark side” and manipulate her limitless power in order to rule two worlds.

*I have two touchstones for this piece – Steve Roberts’ Angel of Darkness and Selina Fenech’s Forest Man.  

Take a visual journey via Pinterest.Fairy&ForestMan


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