I was encouraged by a fellow writer and Alias fan to share this story which was originally written as a spec.  It’s been so long that it now just feels like fanfic.  I am still a big fan of the show, and have been inspired, in part, by Alias to create my own spy story.  The events of this story idea take place some time after Season 4 but before Season 5.  Also, this is not the correct format (copy & paste distorted the script), so please do not follow this as an example.





SARK and a young WOMAN are sitting at a table enjoying one another’s company.  A WAITER with two tea cups upon his tray approaches their table and sets them down.

SARK  Grazie.

The waiter eyes the woman as he walks away.


A camera shutter clicks the image of Sark and the woman.


The two are walking hand in hand.  Sark raises her hand to his lips and kisses her palm.

BRITISH WOMAN  Are you sure this was a good idea?

SARK  Did you not enjoy yourself?

BRITISH WOMAN  That’s not what I meant. We did not need to come into the city.

SARK  Of course we did.

They stop for a moment and he pulls her close and kisses her gently.  Camera click.  She smiles sweetly.  As they continue walking, she suddenly bends over grabbing her stomach.

BRITISH WOMAN  Something’s wrong.

Her breathing quickly becomes shallow and Sark looks worried.


Sark and the woman are rushing into a hospital.  Sark has his arms around her as she holds her stomach.  A simple engagement ring on her finger.  He yells in Italian to the NURSE at the desk.

SARK  Assistenza, per favore.  (Help, please.)

The nurse and a DOCTOR bring a gurney and help the woman on to it.  They wheel her towards a room as she cries out in pain.  As Sark tries to follow, another NURSE stops him.

NURSE  Aspettare qui.  (Wait here.)

Sark runs a nervous hand through his hair.





SLOANE, JACK, SYDNEY, NADIA, VAUGHN, DIXON, WEISS, and MARSHALL are all seated around the conference table.

SLOANE  Last year when Mr. Sark claimed to be a changed man, he helped us to intercept Anna Espinoza.  Since that time he has remained off the board.  He has made no contact with any former associates and has remained silent until now.

Sloane touches a button on the table and the picture of Sark and the woman at the cafe appears.  He touches the button again and a picture of them kissing appears.

SLOANE  These were taken in Florence six hours ago, but we are not the first to know of his location.

Sloane touches a button on the table and video footage of Sark and the woman entering the hospital plays on a wall monitor behind him.

SYDNEY  Do we know who the woman is?

MARSHALL  When I entered her picture into the facial recognition analysis program, there was one result.

Marshall touches a button on the table and a California DMV license photo appears on the monitor.

SYDNEY  Kate Austen.

MARSHALL  It appears she’s a civilian.

VAUGHN  So, what’s Sark doing with her?

MARSHALL  Well, I don’t know yet, but when I looked further into her records, it looks like they were all falsified.  I’m waiting on confirmation.

SLOANE  An hour after being admitted for stomach pain, she was taken from the hospital.

NADIA  By whom?

JACK  A faction of The Covenant, calling themselves The Coven.  They’ve restructured themselves after the death of Elena, but have remained fairly inactive until now.  It appears that they wanted the woman as leverage and devised a plan that enabled them to take her without Sark knowing.

SYDNEY  As leverage?  Sark has only ever been loyal to himself.  What makes them think that he’ll meet their demands?

SLOANE  Sark contacted me less than an hour ago requesting a meet.  The Coven has demanded a trade, the girl for a page from the Rambaldi book.

Sydney shakes her head.

SLOANE  What is it Sydney?

SYDNEY  This is classic.  You, Sark, and Rambaldi together again.  Is this why he came out of hiding?

JACK  We must consider all the possible scenarios.  First we need to uncover the true identity of this woman and her connection to Sark. The Coven believes she is important enough to him to use her, and Sark is willing to do what is necessary to see her released.  There are two things that concern me.  One, Sark came out of hiding.  Two, the Coven has enough resources to have located Sark long ago and watched him long enough to know where to strike.

Sydney and Nadia look at one another concerned.

SLOANE  We will also need to find out the importance of the Rambaldi page to discover The Coven’s intent.  The meet is scheduled in Rome tomorrow at noon local time.  I have been authorized to attend the meet, but due to the nature of this case, Jack will be in charge.

Sydney looks at her father with a raised eyebrow, then to Sloane.

SYDNEY  I’d like to accompany you.

SLOANE  Of course.

They look at one another for a long moment.


Sydney and Jack walk together towards her desk.

SYDNEY  This is ridiculous.

JACK  I understand your frustration.

SYDNEY  Dad, how many times are we going to have this situation?  Sloane and Sark together?  Sark within our grasp?  And we continue to do nothing.

JACK  Arvin has proven that he is reliable.

Sydney looks aghast.

JACK  I know his intentions have not always been clear…

SYDNEY  Anytime the names Sloane and Rambaldi are uttered together I get chills.

JACK  I know.

SYDNEY  And yet they are continually intertwined.

JACK  As are yours and Nadia’s in the same way.

She sighs.  He places a hand on her shoulder.

JACK  Let’s find out who Kate Austen is and the relevance of that page. We’ll deal with the rest as it comes.

She nods.  Jack leaves and passes Vaughn who approaches Sydney.

VAUGHN  How are you doing?

SYDNEY  This circle never ends.  It seems that no matter what we do, we always end back at square one.

VAUGHN  I know it feels that way, but we have accomplished a great deal.

SYDNEY  Only to have The Covenant reappear to do what now?  They are responsible for so much destruction.

VAUGHN  And we’ll continue to fight them, regardless of what actions they take.  Remember, the good guys win sometimes too.

Sydney smiles slightly.  Vaughn kisses her cheek.

SYDNEY  Let’s get to work then.

Sydney sits down and Vaughn exits.


Sloane is sitting behind his desk and Jack is seated on the couch beside it.  He is flipping through a file.  Marshall enters.

MARSHALL  Mr. Sloane.  Mr. Bristow.  I verified who Kate Austen is.

JACK  So, the falsified documents…

MARSHALL  Were false.  She’s MI-6.  Her real name is Emma Carlisle.  She went deep undercover eighteen months ago.  Then around the same time Mr. Sark went into hiding, she was reported missing after failing to make contact with her handler.

SLOANE  She went undercover for what purpose?

MARSHALL  Her cover was that she left MI-6 and went rogue.  She was trying to infiltrate The Covenant as a free agent.  That’s probably how they met.

JACK  Ironically, that still doesn’t explain why she truly went rogue.

MARSHALL  This sounds crazy, I’m sure, but what if they’re in love? I mean he is charming and rather easy on the eyes…

SLOANE  Thank you, Marshall.

MARSHALL  Of course, sir.

Marshall places the file on Sloane’s desk and turns to leave then turns back.

MARSHALL  I should have the report from the hospital shortly.

Marshall exits awkwardly.  Sloane looks at Jack.


JACK  It has on occasion made people act in an…unorthodox manner.

SLOANE  To say the least.

Sloane shakes his head.


Sydney is at her desk on the phone.

SYDNEY  Yes, this is Sydney Bristow for Director Kendall. Yes, I’ll hold.

Sydney taps her pen on the open file folder showing the DMV photo of Kate Austen.

SYDNEY  Kendall, I need your help.  What do you know about page 48 in the Rambaldi journal?

Sydney listens intently.


The group has reconvened around the conference table.  Jack looks to Sydney.

JACK  What did you find out in regards to the Rambaldi page?

SYDNEY  Kendall is going to send us a copy, but what he did tell me is that it contains a list of dates, past and present, and miscellaneous information about something called “the herald”.

Sloane barely flickers, but Sydney watches him.

SYDNEY  Kendall says there are only a couple of references to this “herald” so he couldn’t expand on the details.  He said that compared to the rest of the journal, the “herald” is one detail that’s been left in relative obscurity.

SLOANE  I have only heard it referenced in passing.  I will look into it.

Nadia looks at him.

JACK  As for Kate Austen, it’s an alias for Emma Carlisle, rogue MI-6 operative.  As she has been out of contact with her organization for several months now, there are few logical explanations; being held captive or taking an opportunity to expose herself in a call for help were possibilities, then Marshall received the hospital report.

Jack looks to Marshall.

MARSHALL  Hello again, everybody.  It seems the Italian medical system is almost as difficult to crack as one of my firewall networks, but after some persuasion, they gave me two pieces of information.  One, Miss Austen, I mean Miss Carlisle was drugged.

NADIA  That was how The Coven got her alone.

MARSHALL  Yes, but they gave her a larger than the recommended daily dose of Vitamin C.

VAUGHN  Vitamin C would send her to the hospital?

MARSHALL  It sometimes has adverse effects on pregnant women.

Everyone looks surprised.


Everyone is exiting the conference room.  Nadia approaches Jack.

NADIA  May I speak with you for a moment.

JACK  Of course.  Come to my office.

They walk towards Jack’s office.


Jack motions for Nadia to be seated.  She accepts.

NADIA  There is something familiar about that word, herald.

JACK  From where?

NADIA  When my father was injecting me with the Rambaldi serum.

Jack looks upset at the reminder.

JACK  Can you tell me anything you remember?

She shakes her head.

NADIA  I can’t pinpoint anything, but I’m sure my father knows something more than he’s saying.  And it’s possible I know more too.

JACK  Are you thinking hypnosis?

NADIA  Yes.  Do you agree?

JACK  I think it’s a viable option, but I don’t want you to subject yourself to any further harm if you think it might cause you to recall those hallucinations.

Nadia pauses for a moment in thought, nodding her head.

NADIA  I think it’s important to discover the truth, especially if it might cause further harm to Sydney or our loved ones.

JACK  Let me know if I can help you with anything.

NADIA  Of course.  Thank you.

Nadia rises to leave and turns back.

NADIA  Please don’t say anything to Sydney, I don’t think she would approve.

Jack nods in agreement and Nadia exits.


Emma Carlisle sits upon a cot against a wall.  Her hands rest protectively over her stomach.  Faint light flickers from above.  A metal door opens and a shadowed figure enters.  The MAN has a Russian accent.

MAN  Miss Carlisle, I hope you are finding your accommodations comfortable?

EMMA  That depends on how long I’m staying.

He’s amused.

MAN  That, of course, depends on your lover.

EMMA  Ah, yes.

MAN  I do find it interesting that such a woman, as yourself, would find herself in such circumstances.

EMMA  I’ve been in worse.

MAN  Yes, of course, I have seen your file.  You are quite talented.

Emma stands before him.

EMMA  Thank you.  Are you recommending me for a job then?

He laughs to himself.

MAN  I could not quite do that with you in your current position, now could I?

EMMA  Is that position behind bars or with child?

He laughs again.

MAN  Besides, Julian would not support such action.  He wants to have the family life in the country, no?

EMMA  Yes, we both do.

MAN  How did you both expect to escape your lives?  Did you really think that the people that surround you would let you go?


MAN  Then why?

Emma looks down and rubs her stomach.

EMMA  We thought we’d try.

A GUARD from behind comes forward with a food tray and places it through a slot in the bars.

MAN  Then let us hope that he does not fail.

Emma looks up, her eyes teary.





Sydney and Sloane enter the square.  She touches her earpiece.  Beep.

SYDNEY  Do you have a visual on Sark?

VAUGHN (O.S.)  Negative, Phoenix.

SYDNEY  Anything suspicious on the perimeter?

VAUGHN (O.S.)  Negative.

Sydney looks to Sloane.

SYDNEY  It seems we’re clear.

SLOANE  I don’t think Sark is willing to put that woman’s life in danger. This should be a fairly simple meeting.

SYDNEY  Nothing with you or Sark is ever simple.

Sydney’s earpiece beeps.

JACK (O.S.)  Remember, Sark goes untouched.

SYDNEY  So not even a little overdue infliction of pain?

They continue walking.


Jack stands over Marshall who sits at a computer.  Jack holds the headset up to his ear.

JACK  As appealing as that sounds, that would be a negative, Phoenix.

Marshall smiles.


A dark van is parked.


Vaughn and Weiss are sitting inside a small van surrounded by mini blinking lights, monitors and computer equipment.  Vaughn is wearing a headset.

VAUGHN  Okay Phoenix, have a visual on Sark.  He’s entering the square from the north side.

Vaughn watches the monitor with a view of Sark entering the square.


Sydney and Sloane turn simultaneously to greet Sark.

SYDNEY  Made visual contact.

Sark approaches.

SARK  Sydney, it was good of you to come.

He reaches out to shake Sloane’s hand.

SARK  Arvin.

Sloane responds.

SYDNEY  Well, I never got a chance to thank you for helping me capture Anna Espinoza.

SARK  Ah yes, well, she has proven on several occasions to be difficult to hold on to. I felt it only right in assisting you to obtain her.

Sydney smirks.

SLOANE  Shall we sit down?

They all move to a bench.  Sark sits between them.

SYDNEY  So, what are the details for the exchange.

SARK  This meeting was part of their demand, as a show of good faith.

Sydney begins to look at all the visitors of the park.

SARK  They swore that no harm would come to any of us.

SYDNEY  And you believe a group of terrorists?

SARK  I must.

Sydney looks at him skeptically.

SYDNEY  What does she mean to you?

SARK  As difficult as you may find this to believe, I love her.

SYDNEY  You are risking a great deal…

SARK  You would do the same, and have, on many occasions.

SYDNEY  Don’t compare us, we are not the same.

SARK  It is possible that we aren’t that different.

SLOANE  I think it would be wise to exchange the necessary information.

SARK  I agree.

SLOANE  What are the details?

SARK  The exchange has been set in the VIP room of the Funky Buddha, a nightclub in London, Saturday night at 10 p.m.  Access is only given to those on the guest list, so that should offer us some protection.

SYDNEY  How many can each side bring?

SARK  Only three.

SLOANE  Have they indicated the importance of the page?

SARK  Something about a herald.  Do you know what it means?

He looks to Sloane.

SLOANE  No, but we’re looking into it.  We understand that Emma Carlisle is MI-6.

Sark hesitates.

SARK  Yes.

SYDNEY  You knew this?

SARK  We’re engaged to be married.  I would say there isn’t much I do not know.

Sydney and Sloane look at one another.

SARK  You both seem surprised that I would want a quiet life. I told you Sydney, I am a changed man.

SYDNEY  That seems to be a growing trend.

SARK  Emma means the world to me.  I need your help to get her back safely. Will you help us?

Sydney concentrates on Sark.  She then looks at Sloane and they stand.  Sark remains seated.

SYDNEY  We’ll see you in London.

SLOANE  I’ll be in touch.

Sydney and Sloane walk off.  Sark speaks to himself.

SARK  Now, your sign of good faith.

His earpiece beeps.

EMMA (O.S.)  Julian?

SARK  Emma, love, you’re alright?  They haven’t hurt you?

EMMA (O.S.)  No, I’m fine.

MAN (O.S.)  Well done, Mr. Sark.  We will see you in London as well.

Sark looks around, stands, and exits the square.



Marshall, Jack, and Dixon are all reviewing files.  Jack looks frustrated.

JACK  Is there anything?

DIXON  No, nothing yet.

JACK  Has Sloane contacted us with any information.

MARSHALL  He said he was waiting on a contact with a lead.

JACK  As soon as we hear something we need to move quickly.  We can’t hand over the page without any knowledge as to what it refers to, or what power they can wield with such information. Any more from Kendall?

DIXON  Within the hour.

JACK  Good.

They all resume their work.



A dark van sits on the corner across from the Funky Buddha.


Sydney, Vaughn, and Sark are all dressed appropriately for a night on the town.  Dixon and Weiss, dressed in all black, sit among them as they look at blueprints and go over their plan.

SYDNEY  The VIP room is here at the back.

She points to different spots on the blueprints as she speaks.

SYDNEY  There is an emergency exit here.

She looks to Dixon and Weiss.

SYDNEY  You two will enter here at the delivery entrance and check out the back rooms.  Now, since we won’t be handing over the actual Rambaldi page, we will need to get Emma out before they discover the page is a fake.

VAUGHN  Since The Coven has been reorganized from remaining members of The Covenant, we aren’t quite sure who we’re dealing with.  They, of course, will know all of us.

Vaughn looks uneasily at both Sydney and Sark.

SARK  From the little time I have dealt with The Coven, I have learned they are well organized and thorough.  We should be prepared for anything.

SYDNEY  I am still not completely confident in your new role as a family man. I have doubts as to the validity of this mission.  How are we to know that you haven’t arranged all this as some elaborate plan to obtain this particular page?  Sloane would be more than pleased to have any and all Rambaldi artifacts back in his possession, and you two have proven on more than one occasion that you are willing to do what ever is necessary to see to your end game.

SARK  Sydney, Rambaldi never meant anything more to me than a job.

Sydney looks skeptical.

SARK  It was a way of securing myself within an organization, and as you know my allegiance was easily swayed.  I want out of this life and so does Emma, and we’ll do what is necessary to secure a peaceful future for our family. Learning that I was to be a father has changed me as nothing else could.

Sydney and Vaughn look at one another with raised eyebrows.  Weiss coughs.

WEISS  Yea, it’s, uh, show time.

Sydney puts on a pair of glasses and tosses her hair.  She’s ready.  They all move to exit the van, when Sydney stops.  Leaning over she pats Sark down and discovers a gun at his ankle.

SYDNEY  Changed man or not, no weapon.

Vaughn smirks at Sark’s chagrin as they exit.


There is a long line waiting to enter the club.  Loud music filters onto the street causing PEOPLE standing by to dance.  Sark walks up to the DOORMAN and whispers into his ear.  The doorman looks at his list and lets the trio enter.


Marshall is at his desk, headset on.  Jack stands over him.

MARSHALL  They’ve just walked in.

Jack crosses his arms and they both stand by.


The club is very trendy and modern.  It is packed full of PARTY-GOERS.  Sark leads them to the back where the VIP area is enclosed in glass.  There is another DOORMAN standing guard.  Again, Sark whispers into his ear and the doorman lets them pass.

SYDNEY’S POV – Sydney looks around through rose tinted glasses for any familiar faces.  Her earpiece beeps.

MARSHALL (O.S.)  Looks like a swanky place.

SYDNEY  Anything Marshall?

MARSHALL (O.S.)  I see two in the back office, one posted at the door.

SYDNEY  Anything on the floor?

MARSHALL  Three o’clock.

SYDNEY  I’m looking. Wait…there.

She adjusts her glasses.  She sees TWO LARGE MEN by the side exit.

SYDNEY  I’ve got them.

She stops and holds on to Vaughn as she fiddles with her shoe, all the while keeping her focus on the two by the door.  She pushes a button on her glasses, a camera shutter clicks.

MARSHALL (O.S.)  Got it.

Vaughn and Sydney follow Sark into the VIP room.


MCKENAS COLE is seated and looks relaxed, sipping a martini.  There are TWO OLDER MEN, twins, seated on either side of him.  They appear more stiff.  Sydney quickly snaps a picture of the group.  McKenas sets down his drink on the table in front of him and stands to greet them.  Sydney looks to Vaughn and shakes her head.

SYDNEY  McKenas Cole.

MCKENAS  Welcome.  Pigtails, you continue to amaze me.  And Julian, how good it is to see you again.

Sark reaches out to shake his hand.  McKenas moves around the table and waits as suddenly the two guards from outside enter and proceed with patting the trio down.

GUARD #1  They’re clean.

MCKENAS  Good, good.

He proceeds to shake Sark’s hand then moves toward Sydney.  He leans in as if to kiss her and she pulls away.

MCKENAS  No kiss?  But we haven’t seen each other in so long?

SYDNEY  Evidently not long enough.

He looks to Vaughn.

MCKENAS  And Mr. Michael Vaughn.  You’re somewhat of a legend, Mr. Vaughn. What with your father, your ex-wife, and Sydney Bristow; you have a fairly captivating history.  I must say I have really wanted to see what all the hype has been about.  You don’t fail to please now do you?

VAUGHN  I do what I can.

McKenas chuckles and moves back to sit down.

MCKENAS  These are my associates, Alexei and Vladimir Kolya, ex-KGB.  Well, now that we have all been introduced let’s get down to business.

SARK  I was told Emma would be here for the exchange.

MCKENAS  She’s nearby.

Sydney looks around.

MCKENAS  Please, be seated.

Sark and Vaughn sit directly across from McKenas while Sydney sits just off to the side so that she has a clear view of everyone.  Sydney’s earpiece beeps.

WEISS (O.S.)  We’re at the delivery entrance.

Sydney discreetly touches her ear.


Dixon and Weiss enter the club through the back entrance.  They quietly make their way through the storage room and are able to see the GUARD at the office door.


Emma sits on the couch in the office while a GUARD leans on the desk watching her, gun in hand.


Dixon with precise execution disarms the guard at the door and quickly pulls him away from the door.  Weiss moves to the door.  He knocks twice.


The guard moves toward the door, then looks at Emma.

GUARD #2  Don’t move.

She looks at her belly.

EMMA  What do you think I’m going to do?

He looks perturbed and opens the door.  All he sees is the end of a gun as it comes slamming into his head.  He goes down immediately.

EMMA  Americans?

Dixon and Weiss both nod.

WEISS  How did you…

EMMA  You have a particular style.

She smiles.

DIXON  Let’s get you out of here.

EMMA  What of Julian?

DIXON  They’re still in the meeting.  We’ll let them know you’re safe.

At the same time Weiss speaks.

WEISS  We’ve recovered the package.


Sydney is listening.

WEISS (O.S.)  We’ll meet you at the checkpoint.

The Rambaldi page is on the table and the three men are all looking it over.

SYDNEY  What is the importance of this page and the herald?

MCKENAS  Filling you in would spoil the fun.

VAUGHN  Rambaldi’s work has never been about fun.

MCKENAS  Not to the casual observer.  As Sydney’s role in his prophecy is not yet complete, it would be unfair to give away the ending.  Only know that the herald is the final phase to fulfilling Rambaldi’s work.

VAUGHN  I’m not sure I like the sound of that.

Vaughn looks uneasily at Sydney.  She makes a slight gesture with her eyes to the door.

VAUGHN  I think our transaction is complete.  If you would please bring Ms. Carlisle forward.

Sark looks to Vaughn who nods slightly.  Sark understands.

MCKENAS  Of course.  A deal is a deal.

McKenas motions with his head to the guards at the door.  One of them leaves.  Sydney, Vaughn, and Sark all stand.

SARK  Then our business is complete. It was good to see you again, Mr. Cole.

The guard returns with haste, gun drawn.  Simultaneously, Alexei and Vladimir look up from the Rambaldi page.

ALEXEI & VLADIMIR  This page is a fake.

Sark looks at them, their voices similar.  McKenas draws his gun and points it at Sark.

MCKENAS  Did you think you could fool us?

Suddenly gunshots ring out and both guards go down.  The crowd begins to scurry in panic and screams.  In the middle of the pandemonium Emma stands firm.  In an instant, McKenas’ aim changes and Sark runs to shield Emma.

Alexei and Vladimir are jumping behind the couch as another shot rings out and the glass around the VIP room shatters.  Sydney and Vaughn are in a crouched position guns pointed at McKenas when gunfire from outside the room rings out.

In the chaos, McKenas runs through a broken window followed by Alexei and Vladimir, as Sydney and Vaughn take cover behind the side-turned table.

They both look over and see Sark lying on top of Emma.  He’s been shot.

Dixon and Weiss come in from the emergency exit and take out TWO SHOOTERS and suddenly everything goes quiet.

WEISS  Is everyone okay?

EMMA  Julian?  Julian?

Sydney and Vaughn appear from behind the table to look at the scene.


Marshall is panicked.

MARSHALL  Is everybody okay? Hello?

He taps his headset nervously.




Sark is lying in bed, Emma is sitting by his side, holding his hand.  Sydney enters.

SYDNEY  How is he?

EMMA  Better.  He came out of surgery this morning.  The bullet punctured his lung.

SYDNEY  He’s young and strong, he’ll be fine.

EMMA  Thank you.

SYDNEY  And how are you doing?  Any effects from that overdose?

EMMA  I’m a bit more tired, but I’m well.

SYDNEY  When are you due?

EMMA  About three months.  I’m beginning to feel quite round.

Sydney smiles.

SYDNEY  Well, you look wonderful.

EMMA  And you’re an excellent liar, but thank you.

SYDNEY  Do you know if it’s a boy or a girl?

EMMA  A boy.  We haven’t quite decided on a name yet.

Emma looks at Sark as she speaks.

SYDNEY  Well, congratulations.

Emma turns back and nods a thank you.  Sydney sobers.

SYDNEY  You realize both our agencies have a lot of questions.

EMMA  I know.  I can explain my actions, but they won’t spare Julian from imprisonment.  Me neither, I suppose.

SYDNEY  I’ve known Sark for a while and I’ve never seen him sacrifice himself for anyone.  He does love you.

Emma smiles sweetly.

EMMA  I know it sounds corny, but we knew it the first time we met. Hopefully, it will sustain us for the rough times ahead.

SYDNEY  Believe me, I understand what it’s like to fall in love and want to run away and forget this life we lead.  No one should have to endure the things we have.

EMMA  Won’t you help us then?

SYDNEY  I can’t.  Sark is one of the bad guys we’re supposed to stop.  Our agencies try to protect the world from people like Julian Sark and the people he works with.

Sydney looks forlorn.

SYDNEY  As much as I sympathize with your situation, you know what must be done.

There is a knock on the door.  Vaughn’s head appears in the opening.

VAUGHN  The agents have arrived.

Sydney nods.  She turns back to Emma.

SYDNEY  I am sorry.

EMMA  Please don’t.  It’s not your fault.

Emma stands and looks at Sark lovingly.  She leans down and kisses him gently on the lips.

EMMA  I’ll see you soon, my love.

She kisses him again.  She stands and turns toward Sydney, tears welling in her eyes.

EMMA  Thank you for letting me spend this time with him.

Sydney only nods.  Emma makes her way to the door, turns one last time to look at Sark then exits.


FOUR MI-6 MEN in black suits stand with Vaughn.  Emma approaches them and holds her hands out to them.  They place her in cuffs and two of them lead her away.  She turns to look at Sydney and Vaughn.

EMMA  By the way, thank you for coming to my rescue.

She smiles as she turns back.  The other two men come toward the door.

MI-6 MAN  We’ll take it from here.  Thank you.

Sydney and Vaughn both sigh deeply and walk together down the hall.  Vaughn puts his arm around Sydney and pulls her to his side.



Everyone but Jack is seated at the conference table.

JACK  While you were on your last mission, the DSR facility in Nevada had a break in.  Page 48, among other Rambaldi artifacts, were taken.

He touches a button on the table and the wall of monitors behind him shows the pictures of FOUR MEN.  Sydney and Vaughn look at one another.

SYDNEY  Who are they?

JACK  These are the four MI-6 agents that were supposed to pick up Sark and Emma Carlisle.

VAUGHN  What do you mean supposed to?

Everyone looks confused.



The four real MI-6 agents are approaching their vehicles when a dark van pulls up.  The van’s side door is open and shots ring out as the four agents go down.

JACK (V.O)  They used tranq guns.

The four men from the hospital exit the van and remove the agents from the scene.



The four men enter the hospital dressed as the agents.

JACK (V.O.)  These men, obviously working for The Coven, then helped Sark and Emma Carlisle to escape.

The four men approach Vaughn, flashing their badges for identification.


Emma is in the middle of the two men.  A car pulls up and McKenas Cole opens the back door to let her in.  She holds her bound hands out, he slides out of the car and unlocks her handcuffs.  He then kisses her on the cheek and allows her to get in.

EMMA  Thank you for coming to my rescue.

MCKENAS  How could I not?

The car door shuts.



The image of McKenas and Emma is now on screen. Sydney sounds exasperated and puts a hand to her forehead.

SYDNEY  So, it was all a ploy.  To get the page.

JACK  I’m not so sure, but it does appear that way.  We do have some good news.  Marshall was able to track the Russians to a site in Budapest.


Jack looks to Marshall.

MARSHALL  So, I know it’s not a new idea, I’ve used this trick before, but I placed a radioactive isotope in the ink on the duplicate Rambaldi page. When they left the club in London, I was able to follow their movements. They went directly to Budapest.

JACK  The plane leaves in an hour.

SYDNEY  What about Sloane?  Has he received any information?

JACK  Sloane left a short time ago to meet with a contact.  We might know more soon.

SYDNEY  He went alone?

JACK  He’s meeting with a source. I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt in this case.  You should all get ready.

Everyone rises from the table.


Nadia approaches Jack.  They walk towards his office.

NADIA  I was able to uncover a piece of information from my first hypnosis session.

JACK  Already?

NADIA  Yes.  The herald is to arrive on a future date.  One of the dates on Page 48.

JACK  Arrive?

NADIA  It wasn’t clear.  I saw a jumbled mess of images, but one date stuck out, April 7. 4–7.

JACK  Of course it is.

NADIA  I’m going back for another session.  Maybe I’ll find out something more.

JACK  I think you should tell Sydney.

NADIA  Not until we have something more substantial to go on.

JACK  I’ll leave it to you to decide.

NADIA  Thank you.

Nadia exits.


It is early evening.  A beautiful villa on the lake.


McKenas Cole and Sark are seated in a plush living room, enjoying tea.  Sark’s arm is in a sling.

MCKENAS  How are you feeling today?

SARK  Much better, thank you.

MCKENAS  And Emma?

SARK  She’s been a bit tired. She’s resting now.

A GUARD enters the room.

GUARD #3  Mr. Cole, your guest has arrived.

MCKENAS  Please show him in.

The guard leaves.

MCKENAS  All the pieces are falling into place. We are so close to fulfilling Rambaldi’s plan.

The guard returns, a MAN following behind him.  McKenas looks up pleased.

MCKENAS  Welcome to my humble abode.

The guard has moved out of the way to reveal–

–Arvin Sloane.



Sydney, Vaughn, Nadia, and Dixon in their black fatigues scan the perimeter of the warehouse.


Marshall and Weiss are on coms. The monitor shows an almost x-ray image of the warehouse. It shows no movement.

MARSHALL  The building is clean.

Marshall types on his keyboard.


Sydney signals for the team to move forward.


The team enters the building.


The team splits into two as they search room by room.  It appears to be abandoned.



The three men are seated around the coffee table that sits in the middle of the plush couches and furnishings.

SLOANE  I hope your men cleaned the site thoroughly.

MCKENAS  I have faith in their abilities.

SLOANE  Are you sure about that?  My agency was able to track them to Budapest, and there is a team heading there now.

MCKENAS  They won’t find anything.  Even if they do, rest easy, we are in the final stages.

SLOANE  Nothing can interfere.  I have waited too long to see how this ends, I have sacrificed too much.

Sloane looks determined.


Sydney and Vaughn come upon a large metal door at the rear of a large room.  There is a security access panel on the side.  Vaughn sets down his weapon and immediately begins taking off the face plate.

SYDNEY  We found something.

She watches Vaughn splice together the wires.  Nadia and Dixon enter the room.

NADIA  What is it?

SYDNEY  Marshall, can you tell us anything?

MARSHALL (O.S.)  From the building schematics, it appears to be the central facility of the site.  All power sources run into the room, but there’s another door at the end of the hall.

VAUGHN  Got it.

The door slides open.  Sydney enters carefully.


A sloped walkway is dimly lit by emergency back-up lights.

SYDNEY  Can you override the system?

MARSHALL (O.S.)  Not from here, it appears that the system is self-contained.  They aren’t patched into a network.

The team follows the curve around to another security door.  Vaughn begins the process again.  The door slides open.


The team enters a lab.  Dixon finds a light switch.  The lab has been dismantled, but some remnants of testing remain.  The team spreads out.

DIXON  Marshall, is there any way to find out what this facility was used for?

MARSHALL (O.S.)  It was a front for The Covenant.  It could have been used for anything.

Nadia moves to a computer and looks at it.  She opens the computer tower’s cover.

NADIA  The hard drive has been removed.

VAUGHN  They cleaned this place out.  They didn’t want us to find anything.

Sydney looks at the equipment in the room: incubators, monitors, broken test tubes and beakers.  There is a half wall near the back.  She moves to find a medicine cabinet and refrigerator.  She opens the door to the fridge and sees one vile on a rack.  With a shaky hand, Sydney removes the vile to read the label —


SYDNEY  Oh my god.

Vaughn approaches.

VAUGHN  What is it?

Sydney cannot speak but hands Vaughn the vile.  He looks startled.  Sydney walks to the door of the lab silently defeated.  Nadia calls after her.

NADIA  Sydney?

VAUGHN  Sydney, wait.

Sydney exits without looking back.


Sydney runs through the abandoned warehouse, room by room.  She throws the door that leads outside wide open.


Sydney gasps for air as she runs outside of the warehouse.  Her breathing is uneasy as she struggles to regain her emotions.

SYDNEY  This can’t be happening.

She runs her hands nervously through her hair.  Nadia, Dixon, and Vaughn approach her.

NADIA  Sydney.  Are you alright?

SYDNEY  They left that for me to find.  They knew we would come here and they wanted me to know that they had succeeded in their plans.  I destroyed one facility, but they had a second.

Anger has replaced all else.

SYDNEY  I guess they didn’t have all my eggs in their one basket.

They all stand speechless.


The three men are still in conversation when Emma enters.

EMMA  I hope I’m not interrupting.

SARK  Not at all, love.

Sark rises to greet her.  He kisses her cheek and ushers her to his seat.  He leans against the arm of the plush chair.

SARK  How are you feeling?

EMMA  Much better.  I just needed a rest after all that travel.

SLOANE  You look lovely, my dear.

EMMA  Thank you, Arvin.  So, what have I missed?

MCKENAS  Nothing to worry about.  Just tying up some loose ends.

EMMA  Budapest?

MCKENAS  I’ve been assured all is taken care of.

SLOANE  I’ll know soon enough.

Emma quickly gasps.

SARK  Is everything alright?

EMMA  Here.  Feel.

She moves his hand to her round belly.  He waits.  Then suddenly smiles.

SARK  He’s kicking again.

SLOANE  Have you decided on a name yet?

EMMA  We tried to find some meaning within the text or a clue as to what he should be named.  We’re thinking of Jude, as it means herald.

SLOANE  It’s perfect.

Emma and Sark smile at one another with pride.





Nadia and Jack are talking.  Jack seems distressed by the conversation.


Sydney and Vaughn are at Sydney’s desk.

VAUGHN  What’s going on in there?

SYDNEY  It looks serious.  Maybe something about Sloane?

VAUGHN  I wonder what he’s done now?

They appear to be speculating on the idea.


Jack waves to Sydney to come into his office.


She and Vaughn immediately obey.


Jack sits down.  Sydney and Vaughn enter.

JACK  Close the door.

Sydney moves to sit by Nadia.  Vaughn closes the door but remains standing.

SYDNEY  Is everything okay?

Nadia looks pale.

JACK  When Nadia first heard the reference to “The Herald”, she came to me.  She said she recognized it from her time under Rambaldi’s serum induced hallucinations. Through hypnosis she was able to identify some particular details.

SYDNEY  Why didn’t you tell me?

Sydney reaches for Nadia’s hand and holds it.

NADIA  I didn’t want to worry you.  I wasn’t even sure I would be able to remember anything.

SYDNEY  But you did?

Nadia nods.

JACK  The herald is a person.  A child in fact, due 4–7.

Now Sydney appears to go pale.  She shakes her head in disbelief.


NADIA  I think The Coven did succeed in Budapest.

SYDNEY  But April 7th is only three months away.

The room goes silent.  When Sydney speaks, it resonates with realization.


She holds a hand to her forehead awe struck.

SYDNEY  And Sloane’s known all along.

NADIA  I think so.

Sydney and Nadia look at one another.  She then turns to Jack.

SYDNEY  Dad, what are we going to do?

JACK  We’ll use all available resources to find Emma and Sark.  And we’ll have to keep this information from Sloane.

VAUGHN  Maybe we can use him to our advantage.  He might be able to lead us to Sark.

Jack nods in agreement.


Sydney and Vaughn are lying in bed together.  Vaughn has both his arms around Sydney, holding her as close to him as possible.  He kisses her forehead and strokes her back.

VAUGHN  Do you want to talk?

SYDNEY  There are no words.  I just wish I could erase this day…this woman will render the greatest power unto utter desolation.

She finally lets go and cries.  Vaughn holds her tighter, rocking her.


Emma is sitting in the early morning light on the villa’s terrace.  She is picking at a scone she is resting on her stomach.  Sark comes up behind her, brushes her hair to the side to kiss her neck. As he leans forward, we see–

— < 0 >

The symbol of Rambaldi followers behind her left ear.

SARK  Good morning.

Emma smiles brightly and raises a hand to touch his cheek.  He moves around to sit next to her.

SARK  And what has you in such deep thought at such an early hour?

EMMA  I was thinking of where it might be nice to raise our son?

SARK  Not in the States and we’re not going back to England.

EMMA  No, of course not.  I do love it here.

SARK  We do have a few details to sort over the coming months.  I sometimes still can’t believe our good fortune.  Should we send Sydney some sort of thank you?

EMMA  Don’t be cruel.  She was very kind to me in hospital, and she was truly trying to help us, despite her aversion to you.

SARK  Yes, she is ever of a kindly nature.  Maybe we should name the baby after her?

EMMA  You’re terrible.

SARK  And that’s one of the things you love about me.

Sark reaches out to rest his hand upon her belly, and she nods in agreement.



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