The Demeter

I like sci-fi, the idea of discovering new worlds, meeting interesting, different characters.  Heavily influenced by the likes of Star Wars in my youth, and many TV shows, films, and video games since, such as Doctor Who, Farscape, Star Trek, and Mass Effect 2, just to name a few, I had this idea for a show of my own and am working out the details of the pilot.

I incorporate The Sis in some way in all my stories, so I had a clear idea as to the premise of the story, just not everything else…and I’m still working on it.  The Sis and I have lived together for about 9 years now, and sometimes I think about how alone we actually are.  Our family is small and not nearby, our circle of friends is small too, and we like to move around, so that limits our resources in the times of “trouble”, like the car breaking down, and causes a lot of reliance on just one other person.  This led me to think about a story where two sisters are abducted by aliens (yes, a big train of thought occurred to get to this story idea), are separated, and what they might do to be reunited, given their new circumstances.  It’s the whole idea of epic adventure, being thrust into a new world, finding inner strength, finding love in an unusual place, and doing things you didn’t think possible.

Tagline – 

Aliens and humans have been working together since before the Roswell crash, and Sadie’s abduction is the culmination of their efforts, but when Sadie learns that her kid sister has been taken as well, Sadie will have to rely on the kindness of unusual new allies to get them both safely back home.

Crane'sWar - JulianFaylonaSnippet: Sadie and Charlotte Lennox are star gazing in a remote desert one night to watch a celestial event when they are abducted by aliens.  The sisters are poked and prodded in a blinding white room, their screams falling silent.  Unbeknownst to them, the cliché version of aliens that are holding them are the universe’s slave traders, and the girls are readied for sale.  Charlotte, the younger sister is transferred to another ship as “sold goods”, and Sadie frees herself in the hopes of saving her little sister.  With the impending threat that she may be recaptured, Sadie passes through a doorway that leads her to The Demeter, a transport ship.

It is here she meets the ship’s captain and a crew of unique individuals that live Adorable Alienaboard a ship that has a mind of its own.  They take Sadie under their protection and show her how much more there is to the universe; a vast expanse that causes Sadie to realize that finding her sister again will take more than perseverance, but a miracle.

Or something to that effect.

I don’t have a touchstone piece yet for this story, but these are just a couple of the images that stir my imagination. *Crane’s War by Julian Faylona and unknown.  I just adore him.

For more themed images, visit my Pinterest board.


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