Quote Monday

Potential-FearAs I continue to send my first script out to contests and other opportunities, I’ve felt this nagging little feeling in the recesses of my mind, a little in the depths of my stomach, this odd sense of anxiety.  So many quotes relate to overcoming fear of failure, but this is almost more related to the fear of success.  Has anyone else ever felt this?

We work for months or years on something, love it, want it to go out into the world and do great things, only to fear that it might actually do just that…how weird.

I’m not sure how people will respond to my screenplay.  It’s been a total labor of love, years in the making with a number of variations until it got where it is today.  To think that it might do well, that I may have a chance to do what I really want with my life, to be a working screenwriter is kind of a scary prospect.

But every day someone in the world is getting to live their dream, so why not me?  Why not You?

And then there’s that flip side.  The other fear if things don’t go as I hope and dream.

What if it’s not good enough?  What if I have to wait another year?  What will I have to show for all of this in the end?  What other options do I have?  Ugh.  The questions.

Maybe it’s a little of the fear of the unknown.  No matter how much we read or hear about it, until we are actually a part of the process, it’s all unknown.

IMoving Forward love writing!  I love seeing my characters come to life and make their own choices and lead the story, and regardless, I will never not write, but to never achieve some modicum of the success I would like…I don’t want to know that regret.

So as I look to the end of the week and the opportunity to send my work out to two more times, I’m smothering the fears and looking to the future.

And this is what I wish for you as well!  Don’t let any fear deter you from achieving your goal, no matter how big!

Good Luck and Best Wishes!!


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