Quote Monday

Yes, it’s much later than I usually post.  Adult responsibilities were calling.  This week’s quote is in regards to a subject that has been floating around in my mind for some time – vacation.  The green monster of jealousy has been digging his fingers in as I watch friend after friend enjoy time away in amazing places, both in the States and abroad.

I haven’t had a vacation, a real vacation, in…honestly, that discrepant part of my memory can’t even recall.  It’s been at least 10 years.  Gracious.  Really?!  I did quite a bit of traveling in my 20s, but I can’t remember doing anything in my 30s.  Maybe a little jaunt to Disneyland when I was still in Arizona?  Does that even count?


For a girl who loves to travel, who loves history, and seeing the world…this is depressing.  Although this week’s quote is meant to be inspiring, and it does help, a little, I really need to get on an airplane!


Anyone else been home-bound too long?  Let’s commiserate. 🙂


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