It’s Halloween!


I love Halloween, not for the scare factor but for everything else.  I’m a total wuss.  I don’t watch scary movies, I don’t like haunted houses, except for the one at Disneyland, and I could never do the Universal Halloween Horror Nights as someone would have to hold my hand the entire time.  But I do like the dressing up bit, and every year I plan some grandiose costume idea that never comes to fruition…a constant source of disappointment.  I don’t live in a neighborhood where kids come screaming to the door begging for handouts, dressed up so cute I have an inkling to have children of my own.  And I don’t have a stoop to put out a pumpkin in the hopes that some rebellious teenagers will stomp it to bits (huh, well this year sucks).  But, oh Halloween…


As this is the start of the holiday season, there may be many excuses or other obligations that keep you from writing, but as writers, our brains are never turned off.  We watch all that happens around us, we take note, and store it all away in “the vault” for future use.  So don’t stress…


Take the day off.  Watch a scary movie.  Eat buckets full of candy. And have a frightfully wonderful night!  Who knows what might come of the day and inspire you!


Here are just a few images for your All Hallows’ Eve viewing pleasure — some of my favorite things (Buffy, Jack, Coraline, a vampy Kermie, a villain, and the amazing queen of Halloween, Sharon Needles).  *I do not own any of these imagesFrightNightAwkwardMoment-CatsBuffy staked Edward

CoralineWicked Queen-Spellbound
Dark Lady in Cemetary


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