A(nother) New Year

Welcome to 2014!


I can’t believe it’s a new year.  I’m sure many of you are thinking the same thing.  Just two hours into the new year and I remembered something I once heard — how you spend your time in those “early moments” of the new year is a great way to determine how you will (want to) spend your year.  I wanted it to be about writing, so here I am, 2 a.m., writing.

I wish you all a Happy New Year!  Hopefully, everyone was safe, had a wonderful time, and is looking forward to the prospects that a new year can bring.  I plan on making some personal resolutions…later.  I’m also planning on reorganizing my professional to do list, creating new goals, and laying a course of action for my career.  My hope for you all is that you will do the same for yourselves.  Let’s make 2014 wonderful; filled with passion, creativity, imagination, fantasy, romance, fun, and productivity.  Let’s have no regrets!

Thank you all for helping me make the last few months (since I started this blog) of 2013 memorable by supporting me and my work.  It really helps the mental well being of this lonely writer to see the likes, comments, and follows as you all lend your time to my ramblings.  I truly appreciate it!

Best of luck to you all and continued success!  xx, Rach


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