Note To Self: Get to Work!

FlyingLettersAs I utilize this blog as my journal as well, I may randomly just post something that is more of a reminder for my future self (see the title of my blog, I was not trying to be clever, it’s true).  Case in point.  This is a weekly review because I’ll be sure to not remember in a week…

Monday – Film festival orientation and discovery that it was going to be a waste of time.  Should’ve gone to writer’s group and been productive.

Tuesday – Career help from a great source, and realization I am not quite prepared.  Must work faster!  Emergency visit to the vet at 2 a.m. because Phoebe had been bitten by something and her poor little face was swollen.  Stayed up until 7 a.m. to make sure she was recovering because I would not leave her at the vet.

Wednesday – Completely useless from stress and lack of sleep from previous day.  I think we started watching Doctor Who.  Now I get it.

Thursday – Cleaned the house from top to bottom in an effort to find the little bastard that bit my furbaby.  Was reminded how much I hate cleaning.

Friday –  See, I’ve already forgotten and it’s only been two days…Oh, I was reminded of my age because I was out of sorts and sore from the manual labor the previous day, and…that’s all I got.

Benedict(leaningforward)Saturday – Took my visiting friend, Julie, to the beach.  Got too much sun, relaxed the rest of the day amidst Sherlock and Doctor Who, and played a little Scrabble – my sister kicked my butt, like by a lot.  She got two triple word spaces for 99 pts and had no tiles leftover.  My last word only garnered me 3 pts and I was left with a bloody Q to which I had to subtract 10 pts from my total.  *Grrrr

Sunday – Lots of reading, story development (I figured out my second tv series idea – Yay!), and some writing.

I hope you’re all enjoying the rest of your Sunday and here’s to a productive following week!

*Quick edit – mentioned Sherlock so must include picture of Benedict!  You’re welcome! 😉


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