Article: Why Creative People Make No Sense

InsideMyHeadEvery time I come across an article that may be of use to us all, I save it to my computer and mark it with an asterisk so I can find it later.  The other day I decided to take stock of that list, which I then broke down into other lists according to subject matter, some of which require more reading, deleted a bunch that seemed fairly useless after a second go around, and came up with an immediate share list of 15 articles.

Here’s one of them, entitled Why Creative People Make No Sense.  I’ve saved this for some time, actually forgot about it until the other day, then remembered why I saved it in the first place.  It’s a great article, and may settle arguments you’ve had with yourself.  We are definitely a breed unto ourselves.  We are full of contradictions and those who are not creative will never understand what it’s like to be us.  In a way, that’s a reassuring thought.  It also unites those of us that are alike.

I was talking to this person the other day who really has no creative outlet.  They only read non-fiction, usually relevant to their field, they rarely watch tv or films, let alone anything with any sort of “fantastical” or escapist facet, and they have no other source of interest like art or even music.  I find this one of the most perplexing people I’ve ever encountered, because what do you do?  What joy is there in your life?  I may be struggling at times, but I have passion for my work, hobbies and interests, and a desire to enjoy what the creative world has to offer, in addition to my love of history, travel, and all my other little fancies.  I just see this person as incomplete, living a half life.  And this made me even more thankful for my creative tendencies.

So embrace your creative side.  Revel in your weirdness.  Love the things that make you unique.

Best wishes, my friends!


7 thoughts on “Article: Why Creative People Make No Sense

  1. Thanks for linking this article, it is so interesting! It is refreshing, and “creative” to challenge long standing notions of creativity and accept that it is a multitudinous process. It has really become a dirty word these days and I get quite afraid of certain implications it can give rise to when used. Thanks again!


    • I remember reading this quite some time ago, and just being so struck by how right on it felt. We are not all the same. I think with the rise of geek culture in the mainstream, YouTube creations, and a variety of other avenues, creative type people are being more celebrated. I think stigmas may be a thing of the past, moving forward…and thank you! It’s such a great piece!


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