5 Reasons I Wish I Was At Comic-Con

Comic-ConComic-Con started today, and I can’t tell you how disappointed I am that another year has passed and I still have not gone.  This was going to be the year!  I signed up and still couldn’t make it happen.  Ugh.  For those of you who have been in the past or are there right now…don’t rub it in. 😉

Why would I want to go?  You might ask?  Especially now since it has grown into this behemoth of an event…Here are a few reasons:

1. Cosplay – Who doesn’t want to dress up as one of their favorite characters on a day other than Halloween?!  The only reason I had any trepidation about attending this year was because I didn’t have anything to wear.  There are too many fandoms, too many decisions, and I am no seamstress, so getting one outfit together might be a challenge, let alone multiple since the Con is a four day event, and you know I want some choices.  Of course I want to do something from Dragon Age (but even that I’m having trouble narrowing down), and then there are ideas like my sister and I being female versions of Thor and Loki (and not the slutty kind 🙂 ), or a female Sherlock, or something from Star Wars because my sister is a walking SW encyclopedia, or something princess-y (for me, anyway), and that’s just off the top of my head without a whole lot of thought, because every time I start to think about it I get overwhelmed.

2. Sneak Peaks – I am one of those who doesn’t mind a little spoiling of insider details, especially if it’s something I’m really into.  Right now I am so not in the know, that it would be nice to feel a bit ahead after a few days of being inundated.

3. Sightings – I feel I need to preface that I’m really not a stalker, but I wouldn’t mind a brush past Benedict Cumberbatch, who is there this year, by the way.  His first time.  It could’ve been ours too.  Again, ugh.  Or past the lovely Tom Hiddleston, who delighted the crowd by showing up as Loki last year.  Here’s a link to a short video if you haven’t seen it yet…YouTube.  There’s also the casts of tv shows and movies I’m a fan of…In addition, there are the other cosplayers.  Some of these people spend a great deal of time of their costumes, and how can you not be in awe of their work?  I’m not going to comment on those that attend just to expose as much flesh as is legal in the state of California, because really?

4. The Swag – From all that I’ve heard that takes place at the Con, this would be a great place to get my geek on; to discover new things, to meet with the artists, to add to my collections, and obtain items only available at this venue.

5.  The Fun of it all!

If you’ve been, I’d love to hear your stories.  If you’re there now, I’d still love to hear about the awesomeness that you have been a witness to, but don’t take it badly when I reply with a tinge of resentment. 🙂

Happy Thursday everyone!


8 thoughts on “5 Reasons I Wish I Was At Comic-Con

  1. I wonder how the comic cons are outside of San Diego? I’ll soon find out with the one in Tampa next weekend – yahoo! Just hoping it’s not a disappointment.


      • You should let them! I would wear a princess dress everyday if I could…well, not every day, but there are only so many opportunities. 🙂 Please come back and let me know how it went.


      • Checking back in – The Tampa Comic Con was great fun. I didn’t dress up but my girls did put on their favorite animae tee-shirts. We only went on one day but had a good time. I got pics with Darth Vader and Chewbacca so my visit was fulfilled. You should see if you have one local to you and check it out.


      • I’m happy to hear you all had fun! Darth and Chewy?! My sister would practically cry. I’ll definitely look into finding one on a smaller scale, and a little closer to home. And thanks for reaching back out! 🙂


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