The Journey


I haven’t commented on the passing of Robin Williams, liked any comments, or taken part in any of the discussions regarding depression that have taken over my feeds. When a celebrity passes, I almost always remain silent for the simple fact that although they brought us joy, we did not know them.  I did meet him once at a party years ago (a thank you to my sister for reminding me, hello bad memory) and he was extremely kind, and I have friends who did actually know him, and my sympathies go out to his family and friends, but I believe that some respect should be paid and hence, I remain silent.  Except for today.

The death of someone of Robin Williams’ caliber is sure to strike at the hearts of many, myself included, but in today’s social media stream people say stupid things, tone is lost in translation, and it almost mars the memory and the feelings trying to be expressed.  I grew up watching him.  My sister grew up watching him.  He has been a part of many people’s entire lives.  His loss is tragic.

Depression (and a few other disorders) runs in my family.  I have struggled at times, very recently in fact (and really, what writer doesn’t?), due to a lack of control.  I wrote about this recently, about having to make some hard choices.  Those choices have been made, and now it’s just a matter of time before I start a new path.  This may sound odd, but the news of this particular death reiterated to me that changing courses is not a bad thing, or something to regret, because it is for the sake of my well being, and that of my sister’s.  We have been struggling.  I look at my life in its current state and I shake my head.  This isn’t where I want be or should be at this point.  And although I write stories where people get a second go around, we do only have the one chance and we shouldn’t waste it being unhappy, especially if we have the power to change that.

L.A. is a tough town.  I suppose in a way it’s meant to be.  And I was not prepared for it.  Life is a journey, and a learning experience.  And I have definitely learned a few new things.  I suppose this is just another step, hopefully forward, even if it is slightly detoured.

I wish you all well, and if you’re feeling overwhelmed, seek someone out who can offer you a helping hand.  Remember, you’re not alone, regardless of how solitary a writer’s life is.

Best wishes, my friends!

*Maya Angelou’s quote, something I shared when I learned of her passing, seemed appropriate here.


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