A Letter to My Sister on her Birthday

Dearest A,

DW10BirthdaycardI don’t remember much, but I do remember the happiness and love I felt the day you came home.  I was so happy to have a baby sister, mainly because I was excited to be able to swaddle you in pink, our brother didn’t appreciate that.  You were so bald for so long, and I loved listening to you laugh, still do.  Maybe that’s why I love the sound of babies laughing…It all started with you.

I’m sorry your birthday didn’t happen as I had hoped this year, there’s always so many big plans, and yet…I know I say it often, but eventually it will be true, “things won’t always be like this”.  So we’re going to celebrate today and it will still be wonderful albeit a little belated.

Little Sister ecardAs your (much) older sister, I should never even say that aloud, here are a few words of advice.  I feel it’s necessary to impart some wisdom, whether you heed the words or not. 🙂  I don’t want you to worry about everything, you’re still young (you really are), you have so much ahead of you, and things will work out as they should.  We are going to make things happen this year because I have only ever wanted great things for you.

You are the age now that I was when I decided to go back to school, so believe me when I say that it’s never too late.  Keep in mind the quote I love so well, “It’s never too late to be what you might have been”.  Only you can choose to be who you want, although I like you just fine the way you are, and find the thing that will make you happy.  I want you to have passion in your life, and there’s no time limit on finding it.  As you remind me, age is a number and it doesn’t have to define us.

And now for a few thank yous.  I’m not sure who I’d be if we hadn’t decided to move in together all those years ago, and I truly am thankful.  I’m more comfortable with myself, something that comes a little with age I know, but it is also because of you.  You’ve always had the ability to just be who you are and damn whatever anyone else thinks.  I’ve always envied that, but I am a little better now thanks to you.

BCBirthdayYou are not only my sister, but the best friend I have ever had.  You know me better than anyone ever has and you keep me young (so thanks for that).  I love that we never have to say a thing to know what the other is thinking, or we can say some random thing that says so much.  I love that we can be geeks together, that we laugh at the same things (even when no one else is laughing), and that we get excited about so many of the same things.  I could list them, but that’s our thing.  If it wasn’t for you, I’m not sure I would have ever discovered Dragon Age – how sad is that thought?!  Or my love of Doctor Who or even Captain America…goodness, my life would be so boring. 😉

I also have to thank you for your continued support.  Having you in my corner is what makes me want to do more and be more.

So Happy Birthday!  Enjoy today as if it were your actual birthday.

Love, Me xoxo


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