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GoalsTooSmallI remember when I started telling people I wanted to be a screenwriter the reactions I often received.  I received a lot of scoffs and naysaying and “words of wisdom” that I should choose a more practical career path.  This is something that has always bothered me, and it used to gnaw on me a little, actually it still kind of does when I think on it. Why would you ever demean someone’s dream?  Why would you think to say it can’t be done, especially when you don’t know what the person is capable of?

This is why I try to be so positive and encouraging in this space.  Maybe you’ve received those comments and don’t have a lot of people in your corner telling you, “You can do it!”  I’ll be that person for you! 🙂

YouSayIDreamTooBigThe Sis and I spoke for some time last night as she took a few online tests to try to make a determination of which career path would suit her best.  I love screenwriting and want her to do something she loves too, no matter how long it takes to achieve it.  Unfortunately, my creative path practically ensures that I will work in jobs with little satisfaction (because creatives often want to save their energy for their real job) until I “make it”, while her career paths require many years of schooling, but will then reap huge rewards in the end.  We each must choose what makes us happy and have the courage to follow it.

set and reach goal conceptSet goals and dreams for yourself that people find amusing and then push those people aside as you go on to achieve your goals.  The naysaying should be fuel for your tenacity to show them all!  Wave to them from the top, and hope that they find something to be passionate about, because that’s probably the main reason they have chosen to try to knock you down.

So here’s to your continuing success!  Best of luck!


2 thoughts on “It’s Quote Monday

    • Thank you so much! -blushes- It’s one of those irksome facets of the creative life, even in light of the respect writers, artists receive (usually posthumously 🙂 ). If it adds fuel to your fire, I’ll give you a little chuckle, “hehe!” And now, in all seriousness, Good Luck! 🙂

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