It’s Quote Monday

GoodDaysHappy Monday, everyone!  I’ve been a little absent once again, due to a number of reasons, one being an unexpected wave of sadness last week.  I wasn’t sure if this was something I wanted to share, but this blog also acts as my journal, and the memories are bittersweet.  And who knows…maybe it will inspire someone to be brave when I was not.

I was talking about my first screenplay, Fate(s), with a coworker who asked about its inspiration.  One of the biggest influences came long after the initial concept of the story while I was living in Phoenix, AZ.

I was working in this little bistro in Scottsdale when I was literally hit by Cupid’s arrow.  A tall, dark, and handsome stranger walked in and I was struck, to my very core.  It seems like a foolish thing to say, even now, but it’s true.  I’d never felt anything like it before and I haven’t again since.

His name was Nicholas and he came in three times, but I was a wuss, and nothing ever came of it.  Nearly 10 years later and it’s still something I regret.

I’m happy on my own, mostly.  Every so often I have this pang in my chest that maybe he was “the one” and I let him get away, and that is a very unsettling feeling.  The Sis made a comment that despite my protesting, I would be happy with a man, and I retaliated with, “Not just any man”.

So I turned this angst into a predominant aspect of my screenplay when I began rewrites, and gave my couple the happily ever after they deserved – the one I’m afraid I may not get myself.  The idea of knowing someone without having met them, past lives, destiny – does it exist?

So for a couple of days these random thoughts swirled around in my head, you can imagine the variety, while my coworker suggested trying to track him down.  Yeah, that wouldn’t be weird at all…

I was eventually able to shake it off, but it’s left me wondering.

I write about it all the time, because that princess/Jane Austen side of me wants everyone to find that kind of love and that dreamy happily ever after in spite of “reality”, but what are your thoughts?

Do you believe in soul mates or love at first sight?


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