I Need Your Help!

P&LOn May 1st, The Sis and I celebrated the third anniversary of bringing home our furkids.

Without a doubt, they are two of the biggest sources of joy for both of us, and have come to mean the world to us.  They are so sweet, so funny, so spunky, and so loving.

This has not changed, except in how they started treating one another.

Last week, Loki was a little under the weather. That suddenly turned into aggressive behavior towards his sister, Phoebe.

They still play with one another, snuggle up next to one another while they sleep, and still exhibit happiness when they see each other, even if only separated for a few minutes, but then out of nowhere…Loki’s ears go back, there’s a low grumble, and then – attack!

It’s like Wild Kingdom, which I have often joked about when they rough house because they stand on their hind legs and paw at the other with their front legs while they motion at the other with their mouths open.  There’s never any biting, and that is still the case, except now they sound vicious.

Phoebe’s confused at why he’s suddenly an ass and tries to check on him, but he’s not having it.  They can go hours without incident, and then it’s like a switch has been flicked.

And there’s no indication of what has brought on this sudden change.  At first we thought it was the illness. Now that they’re three and seemingly going through puberty (Loki finally got hair on his chest), although they have been fixed, maybe it’s hormones?

A trip to the vet offered no insight, and now we’re reaching out to a behaviorist.

Have any of you had to deal with such a random change in your dog’s behavior?  What steps did you take?

The stress on us (and them) is difficult, and any help would be greatly appreciated!  If you know anyone, please share this with them or them with me!

Thank you, my friends!


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