I’m on Holiday….sort of.

beachHello, my friends!

I am currently enjoying the freedom I have attained by quitting my suck-y (on so many levels) job.  I’ve been “spring cleaning” the house, reorganizing every facet of my life – from my cabinets to my computer and everything in between – rewatching Game of Thrones (like I need the pain), and getting caught up on so many things that I may be a little absent over the next week or so.

Hopefully, when I return, I’ll have lots to share as I look through the files I’ve kept in regards to writing notes, tips, etc.

I hope you are continuing to work towards you goals!  I wish you all the best!

*I really wish I was sitting on that beach right now, instead of the 110+ degree heat of the Vegas desert…ugh.  I did not miss this.


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