GisHWheS 2015

The first week of the month was the crazy, creative/inventive, do-gooding time known as the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen aka GisHWheS.  The Sis and I participated again, our third year, although due to a maddening work schedule, I had very little hand in doing much this year.  My only contribution was an item that required we make an evening gown out of construction paper, and a minor role towards the completion of a couple other items.  The rest was all The Sis.

LeiaBreadonPlateShe did an amazing job of making Princess Leia out of bread, an Italian landmark out of food on a pizza, a kale hat, Hoover Dam out of cake, a Winter Soldier arm for our cosplay, and my personal favorite, a dog of mass destruction which we based on an episode of Doctor Who, entitled A Town Called Mercy, and a few other things like doing an impression of June Cleaver vacuuming the lawn, making a video called Tai Chi Breakfast, and writing a Yelp review for the hunt.Loki Cyborg Gunslinger

If you’re interested in finding your creative side and discovering how far you can push yourself in a week to go out side your comfort zone and do things you thought impossible, visit the website to learn how you can become a part of the madness.  The teams consist of 15 people, but if you don’t have 14 friends who are willing to be as crazy as you are, you will be matched with a team, or you can create one with those you do know, and by the end of the registration period, the empty slots will be filled with those other abnosome people around the world who want to be a part of it.

It’s a great time that is really hard to explain.  Here’s my Yelp review for a little insight. 😉 I wrote it with about 15 mins to spare.

GisHWhes RevIEwYou don’t need to wait for this one time of year to be creative or do nice things for others, but you’ll find yourself more inspired to continue to do such for quite sometime afterward.  The event sort of changes your perspective and you’ll make great friends with people you may never meet, but find you have a lot in common with.  You’ll look at mundane objects differently, wondering if you should save them for next year’s hunt, just in case.  You’ll consider buying a stormtrooper costume, want to learn how to sew, and begin stockpiling random information that may prove useful in the future.  Seriously, so much fun and so exhausting.

As next year’s hunt starts registration, I’ll send out the word again, and maybe, we can work together!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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