Quote Monday

Last week passed in a blur of work, Thanksgiving prep, and hanging with family and friends.  I hope those of you who celebrate the holiday enjoyed yourselves and found a number of reasons to be thankful.

I am thankful to The Sis for being my roommate all these years because we have a lot of fun together.  As we cooked dinner, drinking champagne, and dancing and singing around the kitchen, I was reminded of the holidays of my childhood when my family would argue and the occasion would be filled with stress and anger.  I’m thankful those days are behind me.

There are those who don’t understand how we can still live together, that we don’t desire our own lives, or whatever, but instead of living with just a friend or even a stranger, we have decided to stick it out together, maybe that makes us weird, but…


She supports me, she gets me, she encourages my creativity, indulges my obsessions, and that is why having her in my corner is one of my greatest assets (and allows me to be confidently weird in lots of other ways).

What makes you weird?


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