Writing Prompt #66

I’m not sure when my love of imagery began, I think I’ve always had artwork on my walls.  So it should really come as no surprise that I fell in love with screenwriting; it’s all about the visual. Whenever I find an interesting image, I either clip it out of a magazine, buy the postcard, save it to my computer, or inundate my Pinterest page – whatever I have to do to obtain it.

With each new screenplay, I find an image that best represents the feel of the story, or what I like to call the “touchstone” (if you look under the Scribbles section, you’ll see a few).  That’s why I started Writing Prompt Wednesdays – to help others find an image that inspires them.

The very first image I shared was a path of sorts, fitting if we’re looking for symbolism, as I suppose this one could be:


If you’re inspired, please share!  Happy Writing!


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