Starting the New Year Right

2016I once read this quote-like thing that said something about: how you choose to spend the first day of the new year is a good measuring stick for the rest of the year.  Or something to that effect.

The first day of a new year is not a magical reset button, but it is a good jumping off point, especially now that so many other obligations are behind us.  And thinking about how that one day of activity might influence the remaining 364 days is kind of scary…although I did happen to start my pilot last night around 12:30 for good measure. 😉

A blank slate sits before us.

As you’ve learned, I don’t like resolutions, but there are a few things I would like to do this year, things that keep getting pushed to the sidelines, such as:

  1. I’d like to get my screenwriting portfolio in order…finally.  I want Hollywood to not know what hit ’em.  Which means getting my writing space in order again: buying a desk chair, plastering my wall with my goals, setting deadlines and keeping them, finding ways to get my writing out into the world, etc.
  2. I’d like to learn to sew in order to make my first cosplay outfit.  You guessed it, something Dragon Age related.  I have such a good idea, well, I think so.  I’d draw you a picture, except that was one of my plans for last year, to learn to draw, and of course it never happened.  Maybe this year.
  3. I’d like to travel somewhere new.  It’s been a long time since I’ve had an actual vacation.
  4. I’d like to read more.  I’ve been horrible about this recently, except in regards to fanfiction, which is just fun.  I have one of those lists of the books everyone should read, and well, there are a lot left.

There are of course the things like lose 10 lbs and clear out the junk in the garage and find a new job, blah blah blah, but those always seem to be in rotation.

So if you’d like to not jinx the rest of the year, do something today that you’ll thank yourself for later.  Kidding!

Happy New Year, my friends!  Dream Big and let’s make this year Fantastic!


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