Writing Prompt Challenge Accepted #15

As I reflected on last year, I realized I wrote very little (in addition to not doing much of anything else.  Seriously, what happened last year?).  It’s embarrassing because what’s the point in saying you’re a writer when you have very little to show for it.  I wrote some flash fiction pieces, but not many, wrote a bit of fan fiction, and did one rewrite, in addition to the blog.  I am ashamed.

As I stated, I don’t care for New Year’s resolutions, but it was a good jumping off point to make some changes.  I have altered my schedule entirely in order to make some real progress, and I can report, “so far so good”.  I finished the next chapter in the Dragon Age fan fiction which I really enjoy writing.  It’s a nice escape.  You can read it here, but forewarning, this is the chapter with the “mature” content and you have to agree to proceed on the website.  The somewhat edited version can be found on my blog, here.   I am also proud to report that I wrote the first draft of my TV pilot, The Demeter.  Now the real work begins.

So while I let the pilot percolate on the back burner, I decided to write some flash fiction to keep up that momentum.  Remember that quote about discipline…I’m all over it!


The crescent moon’s pale light only added to the already ominous feel of the evening.  The fog rolling in from the harbor wound its tendrils along the deserted streets and through the empty alleyways, creating the perfect landscape for a horror story, and a crime.  The recent rains made the cobblestones shine, and also helped to wash away the remains of the many foul deeds to be found in this part of town.  The pronounced click of the Inspector’s heels on those same stones echoed in the surrounding silence.  He was on the hunt.

His long coat kept the chill from the outside at bay, but all he had seen in the past months had induced a permanent chill to be lodged in his spine.  He had started to walk differently, more determined.  The people were looking to him, but he was finding it increasingly more difficult to look at himself.  He needed a clue.  He needed answers.  He needed resolution.  Or he would forever be haunted by his inabilities.

The Dark QueenQueen of the Night

She loved the moments just before night fell.  Those moments when the world seemed black and white.  She escaped into the night, feeling the cool air upon her skin, opening her arms to it, inviting it in.  Death followed in her wake, floating behind her like mist.  The earth dried up and the trees shrunk back to allow her passage, which pleased her.  Despite her absence, they had not forgotten her.  All around her was devoid of life, and she reveled in the silence.  She was Death’s bride, and if she could, she would scratch her long black nails against the world to sharpen them in the anticipation of her kill.  She had slumbered too long, but looked forward to reacquainting herself to the world.

EveVentrue-AssassinThe Guild

When she had escaped her jailers, she swore to herself that she would never again fall victim to the whims of man.  She cut her hair, changed her name, and did what she could to distance herself from her old life.  She did not seek out those she once knew, she did not let anyone know of her fate, but instead chose to protect herself.  Everyone knew of the Guild, and what they represented, but what their ignorance could not understand was what it meant for those who were a part of it; it was indeed a brotherhood.  She would first have to prove herself, and then they would find her.  They only sought out those who were truly worthy.  She moved to a new town and began her training.  She took whatever work she could find, each a learning tool, a lesson towards her goal.  It took some time, but she finally received her invitation, and then her real training began.

Shrouded in shadow, swathed in the garb that held both reverence and fear, she slid down the embankment with arms outstretched enjoying the thrill of the freedom in those moments just before she found her mark.  With her face masked, they never knew that the girl they once thought a traitor was now their executioner.


Honestly, looking over these, I’m not in a dark place or anything, despite the running theme.  Remember, you can join in the Writing Prompt fun any time!  If you’re ever inspired, please share!

Happy Writing!


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