Exhibit C: Captain America

When I was in my teens, my mother introduced me to romance novels as a way to spark my interest in reading again (I think school had sort of sucked the fun out of it and it did work, so thanks, Mom).  One of my favorites was called A Knight in Shining Armor by Jude Deveraux.  In short, it was about a medieval knight who travels to the present and a modern day love interest who then travels back in time.

CapThis book had a big impact on me in my youth, and thinking about it now, besides wanting to read it again, I think it played a major role in the creation of my first screenplay, and probably a few others.  I’ve always liked the idea of time travel (Hello, Doctor Who), and people out of time, the quintessential good guy, and tragic love stories, which is probably why I fell for Captain America.

And I mean fell hard.

It didn’t happen during the first film, it’s not my favorite, but in subsequent fanfiction that I was introduced to by a fellow blogger.  That was it – that was the spark (and I have the swag to prove it).  From there it was more fanfic, comics, cartoons, and finally Captain America: The Winter Soldier – it really is one of the best of this onslaught from Marvel.

Of course the stories vary, comics vs. movies, but at the heart of it all it’s about a man who never thinks of himself, only what’s right, no matter the cost.  He’s a tragic hero, and I’m not sure any of his colleagues really understand this.  He never thinks he’s good enough.  He didn’t get the girl.  He thought his best friend was dead, only to learn he’s a brainwashed super-assassin.  He sacrificed himself to save the world, only to find out it was for nothing.  The world changed while he slept, and all he has is “the fight”.  I just want to give him a hug.

And now he’s finally going to get his friend back and you think I’m not going to be on his side?!  Scoff.  And side note, I totally ship it!

Chris Evans has really grown on me in the role, I swear he gets better (looking) every movie, and Sebastian Stan as Bucky is just fantastic.  And that’s why I squealed like the fangirl I am when I saw this:  Exhibit C:

Is it May 6th yet?!

There is so much more to talk about on this subject, but I’ll leave it at that…for now.  I’d love to meet other Cap fans, so comment below and let’s chat!

SIW (self-indulgence week) is drawing to a close…just a couple more days to geek out over things.  What will be next?  Hmm…stay tuned.  🙂


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