Quote of the Week

I have mixed feelings about this week’s quote:


I like it, but it makes me think.  Creatives, in general, often create in solitude.  There are many opportunities for collaboration, but when we begin our artistic path, it’s usually just us and our work.

Social media allows creatives a number of avenues to boast of their accomplishments, no matter how great or small, and this, to me, seems a ploy to seek outside encouragement and gratification even if it’s not quite warranted.

This quote also makes me wonder how long we should “suffer in silence”?  The creative path benefits, I believe, from networking with others who understand; mentors who have come before and have knowledge and experience and the beginners who may see the ever-changing world differently.  We all benefit from both youth and experience.

I’ve been rewriting the space pilot, and because I love the work, I don’t find that it’s “hard”.  Obviously, some days are more difficult than others, but when you find something you love, the ‘hard’ in hard work, I don’t believe means the same thing anymore.

Maybe this quote is similar to the old adage, “let your work speak for itself”.

What do you think about this week’s quote?  I’d love to hear your ideas and interpretation.

Have a great week!

*I don’t think this piece could have been written any more disjointed.  It’s how my mind was bouncing between ideas, and that seems to have translated directly to the page…enjoy. 😉


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