Writing Prompt #75

It’s Wednesday and you know what that means…It’s Writing Prompt Day!

I was torn this week between two things – an image and a line of dialogue.  Instead of trying to choose between them, I’ll share them both, and let you decide which (or both) inspires you.


Is this one of those times you want me to lie to protect your delicate emotions?

2:  I’ve been rewatching episodes of Supernatural, so that may have influenced this decision. 😉


If you’ve ever visited my Pinterest page, you already know how much I enjoy imagery.  If you have a great image for writing inspiration, please share!  And don’t forget to share your creations if you’re inspired by any of the Writing Prompts.  There are some past images along the side –>, but if you’d like to take a look at any of the previous 74, search “Writing Prompts” and write away!

Happy Writing!


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