Quote Monday

Besides the adorable-ness, the lessons are a great reminder of things (sometimes) forgotten with age.


As writers, I think we, generally, embody 2 of the 3, with happiness getting lost from time to time.  Writers, historically, have been known to be melancholy, depressed, repressed, vice riddled, isolated, and any variant of the above and much more.  I think it’s a good lesson to remind ourselves to find happiness where and when we can, and to embrace it.

Curiosity is a staple among writers.  We wouldn’t write the stories we do if we weren’t full of wonder at the possibility of what if.  Our stories lead us to amazing places, and we learn about topics we may never have even considered before creating our new world.  Keep learning and keep growing because you never know where your next great idea will come from.

Another staple – the fight.  We fight for our characters.  We fight for our stories.  We believe in our babies and in order to get others to love them as we do, we have to fight to get them out into the world.  Even when you’re tired, don’t give up.  Success may be just a moment away.

I then thought about these words in regards to my characters.  They’re people too and they have their own lives to lead, and could probably use a friendly word.  Amidst their trials could they find a moment of happiness?  Do they have a cause or a reason to keep fighting?  A little food for thought.

Wishing you all the best!  And Happy Writing!


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