Writing Prompt #82

If you’re looking for more inspiration, as you may already be aware, I have a few Pinterest boards you might like.  I enjoy Pinterest.  Enjoy may not be the right word with some 10,000 pins.

There’s just so much out there.  And the funny thing is, I feel as if I’ve only scratched the surface.

I love the visual, which is probably why I was drawn to screenwriting.  I like to find images that represent what I see in my head when I’m writing, so if you’re like me, browse through some of my boards and see if you can find that specific image for your piece.  Although side note, don’t get stuck in the pin-hole I sometimes find myself in…

This week’s Writing Prompt is an image that I have been drawn to use for some time, what do you think?


Are you feeling the urge to join me in this week’s challenge?

Happy Writing!


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