Gishwhes 2016


As if I wasn’t aware already of how fast time goes by, it’s been a month since I participated in the craziness that is “gishwhes“.  This was the fourth year The Sis and I challenged ourselves in the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen, and as always, it was the creative boost I needed.

For those of you unfamiliar with the hunt, it was started by actor/philanthropist Misha Collins.  He plays the angel, Castiel on Supernatural.  The week long adventure includes making things, doing things, finding things, and taking pictures or video to document your achievement.

Falkor2014The Sis and I are part of Team Falkor, and always will be!  This year our team was comprised solely of amazing women who are among some of the best people I have never met.  As the scavenger hunt is international and online, I have yet to meet some of my teammates, although the friendships formed despite this last a lifetime.  The group is encouraging, supportive, and just plain awesome all year round (a few of them were my beta readers for my pilot).

It would be amazing to win just so we could all get together, and yes, a desperately needed vacation to a foreign land would fantastic as well. 😉

It is surprising what you can accomplish in a week, and what people are willing to help you do.  There were about 175 items on this year’s list, and while some are easier than others – repurpose artichokes, there are some that seem almost impossible – one included NASA.  The Sis and I are usually on our own, moving has not been overly helpful to creating a core group of fellow geeks who can help, but together we were able to accomplish 14 items and had 2 more we were so, so close to finishing.

The hunt always includes good deeds among the crazy antics, and for the geek in us, there are always a couple Star Wars themed items, one usually includes a stormtrooper.  Most of our team members areFreckles devoted Whovians, so we always include at least one Doctor Who reference.  This year was a freckle constellation.  The Sis and I like taking our time on items, so we generally choose those that take planning and effort and then go out and snapshot like 8 in one day.  We have one team member, fondly nicknamed “The Hammer”, for her sheer mind-blowing ability to hammer out multiple items every day.  I think her name was on 35 items this year.

She’s awesome.

PopcornCoffinGishwhes is one of those rare things that brings people together to have fun and do good deeds.  It’s an event that you look forward to all year and plan for by saving random things you think could be useful for an item.  It helps to break you out of your shell by having you approach strangers for hugs while covered in chocolate, or helps you overcome a fear, like jumping out of an airplane, or giving blood, or even being buried in popcorn.  With roughly 175 items each year, you can imagine the possibilities.

It’s also one of those things that makes you a little more brave and leaves you with good feelings that you want to maintain the rest of the year.  You may be willing to try new things and continue those good deeds because being a part of gishwhes makes you a part of something bigger.  You’ve become part of a group of similarly minded people who will support you and encourage you and in turn, you will want to do the same.

I know, all that from a scavenger hunt…you’d be surprised.  Click the link above to learn more, and hopefully you’ll be a part of the fun next year!


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