Where Does the Time Go?

I was scattered all last week.  It was my birthday, again, can you believe it?!  I asked for the day off because in the environment I work in, working on your birthday is grounds for  inflicted harm…on others.  I don’t care that you want a side of ranch with your fries, in fact, I hope you choke on those fries. Kidding.  Sort of.

In order to get my birthday off, I had to pick up another day in exchange.  This is the third rhairday off I’ve asked for in over a year and a half by the way.  So I had one day on, one day off – all week, hence, I got very little accomplished.  Although, I did manage to squeeze in this –>

The hair grows like a weed, and for a couple of reasons, I let it grow and grow until all the kids were calling me Rapunzel or Elsa.  With the birthday looming on the horizon, it was time to mix things up a bit.  Now I have to do my hair everyday.  Sigh.  😉

This week, I just haven’t been able to get to the computer.  I’m planning to cosplay this year, one of my 2017 resolutions, and I’ve been out hunting for supplies, tools, etc.  I thought I would share the process and the progress.  As a newbie, it will be interesting to see when I finally break down and cry.  More on that later.

And then there’s the writing.  Not much of that happened last week.  Actually, nothing happened last week.  This week I’ve turned my attention to finishing the first draft of a new screenplay.  I was about 45 pages in when I abandoned the project, and because of it’s theme, it’s rather timely, I should probably get back to that.  I’m giving myself a deadline…it is submission season after all.

How the time flies whether you’re having fun or not. 😉

How was your week?  I hope you’re doing better at reaching your goals than I did this past week.  Happy Writing!


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