Discrepant Writer Update

It’s official.

We are California residents…once more.

After yet another stressful move, we’ve landed and are trying to return to normal. I barely slept for weeks and it took days upon days to feel like myself again. I’m still not sure I’m there yet.

And we’re not done yet – a hiccup in the apartment application process has left us in limbo. Thankfully, we have family here. So all our stuff is in storage, which means we’ll have to load up a truck again. I’m sure you can imagine our delight at that prospect.

So here I sit, a little over a week after a big move trying to find my groove with a mild sense of worry that it’s going to take a bit longer to get to that “vibe” I’m hoping for. The lack of routine and normalcy for over a month has left my creative side on a back burner, another reason I don’t feel like myself, but it was interesting, I caught myself at strange times thinking about my stories.

While loading up the truck, just The Sis and I, we would make off-handed comments about what we could get rid of or how it might feel if we lost everything. It brought me back to my pilot and how I had first become inspired to write the story.

While driving through Oregon, there was this beautiful green, lush landscape that immediately made me think of the protagonist in my fan fiction (I know!) and her journey.

I felt the compulsion to write something, anything at random times, knowing full well I didn’t have time, and regretted it.

And now here I sit.

A change of venue and little else, but a bit closer to the end result I’m hoping for. I’m back in L.A. The people I meet and interact with may be “that” person, the one that helps me become a professional writer. It’s one of the reasons we moved back, and with a little patience and endurance for the next couple of weeks ahead of us, it will hopefully all start to make sense.

So how are all of you? Any big or small news you want to inspire us with? Have a little Monday Motivation to share with the class?

((sigh)) It feels good to be back!

Happy Writing!


2 thoughts on “Discrepant Writer Update

  1. It amazes me how even positive events can take us off our game. I upgraded my computer. It works many times faster, and you’d think that would be a blessing, right? Nope. The faster mouse moves and key inputs are throwing me off balance. That “vibe” is not there. Oh, well. Any change takes time, and when the vibe finally kicks in, gangbusters!

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