Welcome to the New and Improved Ramblings

I had come to a decision and needed to make some changes.  Starting with this, a new site to call home and begin anew…

You’re probably thinking, “Another blog?  Is this really necessary?”  Right?  I, myself, only follow a handful of blogs, because who has the time between everything else that fills our lives?  My hope is that I will 1) Impart a lesson.  I am a writer trying to make it in Hollywood.  I want others to know that it’s never too late to follow their dreams.  Really!  Whatever you want to do with your life…have no deathbed regrets!  2) Share valuable information I learn along the way for/with fellow writers and traverse this rocky terrain of solitude together.  3) Give a little insight into the psyche of a writer heavily influenced by fairytales, romance, and all things fantastical, and how my stories come into being.  And 4) Have fun sharing my world – Music that inspires.  Images that fascinate.  Words that enlighten.

Oh, and the reasoning behind the name “The Discrepant Memoirs” is that I have a horrible memory.  I remember some of the oddest things, but then things I think might be important…gone.  I’d like to blame my overactive imagination, that my mind can’t possibly be expected to retain so much, but the truth is, it’s just bad.  Every now and then I think I should go to a doctor and have it looked into, but then I forget.  No amount of ginseng can save me now.  So this blog will act as my virtual journal, something I’ve never been able to keep (not for extended periods of time, anyway), in order to track my progress towards my goals and then hopefully all the juicy details that follow.  That way, when it comes to actually writing my memoirs, I’ll have all these sketchy details to refer to.

Welcome to my world!


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