Taking the Weekend

CastleGardensI’m not sure if all writers are like this, but I find that being an artist (yes, that is what we are no matter how snooty that may sound) can sometimes be all consuming;  I’m always thinking about my writing, that I should be writing, that something random might work well in my writing, etc. and that can lead to burnout.  There are two given days at the end of the work week that are meant to be taken and enjoyed.  I, myself, have found this very hard to do, but gave it a try this weekend by undertaking two big projects that would be too distracting and exhausting to leave me creative.  Side note: what I’ve learned about most writers is that we all have a little crazy about us.  I am borderline OCD when it comes to being organized, so I decided to reorganize the garage and this storage/crawl space in my apartment (and my body is thanking me for it).  Another side note, I still felt guilty that I hadn’t done anything with my writing for two days…baby steps.

Wizard'sHat, OR

So here is my tip: Take the weekend!  Recharge your creative battery.  A little distance from your work might actually be good for both of you.

*These pictures are just reminders that I don’t live near either of these places, but need to get outside more.

Good luck and have a good week!


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