Writers Resources

TypewriterFontWriterIn my continuing effort to impart useful information, or what I hope will be considered useful amidst my ramblings, I found a couple of things.

1) The Write Life.  Yep, them again.  They shared an article about finding blog ideas when you can’t stare at the blank screen for one more minute.  Trying to find subject matter on a regular basis can feel daunting, so I hope you’ll find this helpful.  This may not affect you, yet, but it might be a good idea to bookmark the page, just in case.

2) For writers wanting to adapt a novel to a screenplay, you may want to take a look at this free download from Script.  Script often offers this service of free downloads on various topics; blogging, query letters, ebooks, etc.  I would recommend following them or signing up for their notices.  This site offers a lot of information in regards to screenwriting in particular, but some of those skills are easily transferable.

I have been thinking about adding a calendar that would display networking opportunities and deadlines for writing contests.  Useful or no?

Happy Wednesday!

*Image from DL Koontz site


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