More Screenwriting Tips and a Friendly Word

TypewriterFontWriterI recently wrote a post entitled Novels vs Screenplays, but it really should’ve been called Screenwriting 101.  Then I saw this article from Script Magazine, 15 Screenwriting Mistakes to Avoid.  It was too timely not to share.  For those of you interested in screenwriting, this article exposes some of the pitfalls you may be unaware of.  And then there was this, Notes from the Margin.  Somebody sounds a little cranky.

Yes, there are plenty of people out there trying to tell you how to do things, and yes, some rules like formatting exist for a reason (because they won’t give you a second glance if it’s not correct), but I am not here to tell you how to write.  I’m only sharing part of my process and tricks I’ve learned along the way.  I long to be part of a community that shares insight, offers advice, recommends opportunities, and above all else, encourages.  I want people to succeed if their passionate about their work.  Writing is not an easy path, and only other writers will understand the struggles we face each day.  I have friends who are still floundering in finding their purpose, and I am thankful, even when I’m at my wit’s end, that I have found my passion.  I have faced opposition from family and friends and I’m not sure if it’s fear or jealousy, but “those that discourage your dreams have likely abandoned their own” (I don’t know who said this, but I have it tacked on my wall).  And this is one of the reasons we should surround ourselves with those that are like-minded.

So when I say, “Best of luck in your writing endeavors”, I truly mean it!  Good luck!

*Image from DL Koontz site.


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