The Holidays Are a Time-Sucker

The time-sucking holidays are upon us.  And today I was just all over the place, literally and mentally.  Preparing for Thanksgiving, car problems, and regular life stuff.  I had started a blog earlier in the day, got sidetracked, and now here it is, 1:30 am, and I’m just getting back to my computer.  I had planned on working on one of my pieces…maybe in a bit.  But I know I shouldn’t stay up too late, because I have another full day ahead of me.  Where does the time go some days?

The pitfalls of the holidays; family, friends, festivities, and plenty of “excuses” to not get work done.  Finding time can be difficult without letting other things fall to the wayside.  So how and where can we find a few extra minutes in our day?  This depends on each of our schedules and what we’re trying to accomplish.

1. Maybe we get up a little early or stay up late and write if even for just 15 mins while everyone else is asleep.

2. Maybe we can write a little during lunch.  Bring our lunch to work and find a quiet corner where we can eat and write in peace.

3. I like those little tape recorders that you can voice your ideas into when you’re driving or grocery shopping or waiting anywhere so that way when you do have some time, you can write down those fantastic little gems that always seem to come (to me) when (I) don’t have the opportunity to actually write them down.  Or use it to generate whole paragraphs, scenes, characters, outlines, etc.

4. If you do have the opportunity to make notes throughout the day, be sure to keep a notebook and pen with you at all times.  I’m also a fan of the notes app on my phone.  It never fails, I’m half asleep and something will pop into my head.  I can’t get up.  It’s cold.  It’s dark.  And I have two dogs snuggled up beside me.  So, I grab my phone with its built-in night light and jot down that idea before it disappears.

5. DVR a few shows and write instead.

6. Ask for some time from those that depend on you.  Ask for help around the house.  Make everyone do their “homework” at the same time.

7. Cut back from the internet.  This is a hard one to do, because if you’re like me, you write on your computer and that internet is just staring at you, enticing you to look into its goody bag.  We use it for research.  To find inspiration.  To lose all track of time.  I know it may be difficult to quit cold turkey (holiday pun intended) so just limit your time.  Only go on in the morning or at night and give your self a time limit.  If you know you have to look something up, do it right away and don’t get sucked into the click happy vortex.

I don’t know…these are just suggestions, but I know the time will add up and regardless of how much you accomplish each day, you are still moving forward, still progressing, even if it’s not at the same rate you would normally write.  We can’t feel too guilty at this time of year, because our time is divided, and ’tis the season of giving.  We spend a lot of time on our own, in our own worlds, so we should enjoy the holidays, and surround ourselves with loved ones, because it only lasts a few short weeks..and then we won’t have any excuses.

Have a good week!


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