It’s Always All About “The Work”

So I (finally) decided to take my own advice and work on something else.  One can only bang their head against the same wall for so long.  In my last blog about rewriting madness, I mentioned how we, as writers, feel guilty when we leave our unfinished beloved behind.  I think for my part, I was just so desperate to make it work, because I wanted it to be ready in time for submission season, that I lost the love.  It was quickly becoming a burden, one that I wanted to relieve my self of, and move on.  But how could I after all the effort I had put into it?  All the time, the worry, the stress, could not be for nothing.  It had to be completed.  And until a few days ago, I couldn’t take my own advice, because of this desperation.  I was so sure it was almost ready.  I couldn’t deny myself the next important step of sending it out for consideration, but that is exactly what I have decided to do.  On Monday night at my writer’s group I felt I had made some progress, by Tuesday I had shelved it.


I moved on to my fifth script, which is currently in its first draft.  It was refreshing to see these other characters I had created, to visit their world, and remember why I had started this story to begin with.  Ideas were coming easily and I was happy with the progress.  Then it happened…I had an idea for the script I’ve been struggling with.  Literally, only three days had passed.  I wasn’t even writing when the light bulb flickered.  I was listening in on a teleconference about selling to Hollywood.  An hour or so in, I’m not even sure what was being discussed, it happened.  I wrote it down quickly in case it tried to escape me.  I had a new idea that could possibly change the whole story; tell it from someone else’s perspective.  I can’t believe I hadn’t come up with this before.  We have to know which relationship is the most important, who is the true lead character, and then it seems everything else will fall into place.  Or so I’m theorizing (is that a even a word?) / speculating / hoping.

We have to be diligent, but also know when to take a break.  Trying to force a story to work for our own vanity doesn’t do our story or characters any justice.  I’m thrilled to know my advice evidently works, and maybe I should’ve listened to it earlier, then I wouldn’t have wasted so much time…So here I am at another crossroad, trying to decide whether to let this new idea simmer for a few days and continue on in the other story where I’ve found myself invigorated, or carry on and get the job done…If I am to ever be a professional, I’m guessing that completing the problematic one first might be my best option.  I think I’ll touch base with my writer’s group, spitball, and see how I feel about it after.  I’ll let you know if this works.

I came across this blog post by fellow writer, Myke Cole, and really enjoyed it, because it really is all about the work and our passion for it.  Even when we feel beaten down, it is our passion that carries us forward.

Have a wonderful, passion-filled, productive weekend!

*image from Jeff Bullas’ site


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