A Little Screenwriting Help

TypewriterFontWriterSometimes I have to question my sanity.  As writers, it’s something we probably do more often than we should.  I recently watched the documentary, “Tales from the Script”, which is available on Netflix, and I highly recommend it to any aspiring screenwriter.  Which is why I was again forced to reevaluate my sanity.  There was one comment that has stuck with me, it was something to the effect that “if you can do anything else, do it”.  That’s when it was reiterated to me that I can’t.  I love screenwriting.  It’s my calling.  And I hope all of you have found yours.

If you can quit, then quit. If you can’t quit, you’re a writer. – R.A. Salvatore

I’ve tried my hand at poetry, and just for kicks and giggles, maybe I’ll post some one day.  They’re terrible.  Which is probably why I’ve never tried to write any more beyond my angsty teenage years.  I wrote a few short stories, and I’d be willing to try again, I’m just not sure when.  I wrote a one-act play that I really liked, but I feel that was a one-hit wonder moment.  I’ve never written song lyrics, but I’m actually going to give that a try this year.  I have this interesting opening line that I’d like to explore.  I actually finished a novel (based on one of my screenplays) and have another, that one that I started in my youth that was too advanced for my adolescent mind, that still needs to be finished, but now am thinking could be a screenplay…I’m satisfied knowing I’ve at least tried other avenues, and have found the medium that works best for me.

I’m pretty sure it all started with my love of film.  I see my stories like a movie in my head.  I used to get buried in the details of description when I was trying to be a novelist, the only form of writing I thought there was, and screenwriting allows me to get my story out quickly.  So for those of you who are following a similar path, I’ve attached this article on how to improve your screenwriting descriptions, and if you can ignore the off-putting color of the page, there’s some wonderful advice.  I made lots of notes.

I’m keeping this one short and sweet.  I’m not going to rant or ramble, as I have to get back to the many things I have lingering…


Have a great week!


5 thoughts on “A Little Screenwriting Help

  1. Well, I like the idea of “if you can’t quit, then you’re a writer” I’ve that feeling increasing, although I don’t earn a bucket for that. [Well, I hope to get some paid gig in this year still]
    And it’s relieving to see that I’m not the only one trying out many different genres. Nevertheless, screenwriting remains still something frightening to me. Any tips for setting this fear aside? Thanks!


    • I wish you luck in your endeavors. A little money would be nice, as would a byline! 🙂
      I found screenwriting freeing. I write so much more than I ever did, in part because it’s very specific. Each form of writing requires a different thought process, and sometimes making the switch takes effort. Screenwriting is a blueprint, so you only write what you see on the screen. As for anxiety, I suppose that depends on where it comes from. Is it the format or the endeavor of writing one? Or something else? I am happy to help, I just need a little more insight.


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