A Little Writing Help


I’m feeling sort of negative today.  A few things have compounded leaving me a little sour.  So rather than give into those feelings or give them any power, I’ve decided to be helpful.  My blog is supposed to be about writing, romance, and fantasy, in addition to the journey of becoming an established writer, so maybe this week I’ll pursue some of those other avenues in the hopes that it will lighten my mood.  Maybe I’ve been too serious, too focused on one goal…maybe I should cut loose, at least a little. :\

I came across this interesting article that deciphers the various questions you might be asked in a creative meeting whether with film executives or publishers, such as “Why this character?”, “Why this story?”, “Why now?”.  If you’re struggling with a particular story, asking yourself some of these questions might help you resolve those issues, or might reiterate to yourself why you were inspired to write this story in the first place.  Also, within each question topic are further tips to explore.  I’ll give ’em a look, and pass on the details.  If you beat me to it, please share.

Then there’s The Write Life.  You may have noticed I reference them, occasionally.  I follow them on Facebook and find a lot of useful tips and offerings.  They recently posted an article about 20 Inspiring Pinterest Boards.  As you are all probably aware by now, I love Pinterest.  I’ve been doing the whole cork board thing for years, and really wish I would’ve come up with this idea.  (That would’ve been one way to supplement my lifestyle.)  I’m currently going through the boards suggested to see which would be helpful.  This idea alone has inspired me to search out more useful tips to share on my boards, so look for those new additions soon.

I hope you’re all having a productive week and I wish you all the best!


7 thoughts on “A Little Writing Help

  1. Thanks for sharing our post, Rachael! I enjoyed the article about questions — it’s funny how simply taking a step back and questioning your characters or setting can clarify the story for you.


    • Your site is great! So, thank you!

      While working on one of my scripts, I sort of lost the reason I had started it. I found it again via a random path, but I think these questions could save me from running into that problem again. 🙂


    • Aw, thank you! 🙂

      Okay, so I’ll be a Pinterest salesperson…click on the “P” on the right side of my blog and it will take you to one (yes, one) of my Pinterest pages. What you can do is create boards (or sections) of things that interest you, that you find around the web, or from other people “pinning” to this site – things like travel ideas, baby planning, recipes, home renovation, etc. All of these “pins” are saved to this site so that you can refer to them any time. This helps you from saving everything to your computer because Pinterest acts as a link to whatever you’ve liked by taking you back to the original source.

      I love it! But, it can become extremely addictive. So be forewarned. 🙂


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