The Plague & Some Rules of Writing

QuestionMarksI’ve been trying to write some in-depth blog, but nothing seems to be coming out the way I want in part because I have “the plague”.  My mind is currently consumed with a hundred questions like, “When do you know your story is finished?”, “Am I making the story better by changing the perspective?”,  “Am I only changing perspective because I’m not the person I was when I started this story so I want the focus to change?”, “Should I get a writing partner, and how would I go about that?”, “Should we move to save money?”, “Should I figure out how to outline better?  Because I really don’t like to outline, but it may be more productive, except I like the journey my characters take sometimes without any supervised attention, but then again maybe this is why I’m having trouble.  Nah, it can’t be an outlining issue.”, Should I go back to a “real job”?”, “Is writing a mermaid story only prevalent now because I know they’re making a live action Little Mermaid?”, “Should I try to sell my fairy story to the Japanime world?  Because I really like the way those Final Fantasy characters look.”, “How do I get into video game writing?”, “Which of my new writer friends can I talk to about this story so I can just finish it already?”, and countless others…

This is one of those days I can imagine all writers have.  Let’s call it Doubt Day, or Overwhelmed Day, or I’m Over It Day, or I Need To Get Back Into My Routine Day.  The only way to persevere, I suppose, and have been told repeatedly, is to keep moving forward.

Maybe this will help…a list from Literary Rejections entitled the 10 Rules of Writing.  Well known authors offer their words of wisdom, and why not listen to those who have gone before and been successful?  I’m going to do a little cutting and pasting and create my own list of rules, there are some great ones to adhere to, and I’ll print it up in an effort to stay focused.  Maybe I’ll post it too, so it’s out there for all to see.

I don’t feel any clearer on the subject having verbalized the numerous questions currently plaguing me, but I’m off to a new writer’s group, so maybe I can find some solace there.  If anyone has any suggestions on any of the above, please share. 🙂

I wish you all the best of luck in your endeavors!


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