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Happy Friday everyone!

I’m sort of taking the day off.  I’ve been under the weather (what a strange term) since Monday, and I’d like to relax and do a little gaming before my sister gets home and takes over the television.  I got my priorities. :/


I’ve been thinking…

When I started this blog, I really had no expectations.  I didn’t even know what I was doing.  Still don’t.  I see followers come and go and endure a small roller-coaster of emotion with every change in that number, so I’m thinking about removing it all together.  Then I wondered, maybe I should ask you if there’s something in particular you’d like more of?  What are you looking for out of a blog?

I began with sharing screenwriting information (a rather niche market), then wanted the blog to be a bit more personal.  I wanted it to be encouraging, hence the Writing Prompts, and I’m hoping to build a community, but what else would you like?  Please leave a comment, suggestion, idea, etc.

I appreciate you all!  I feel like I’ve developed relationships, albeit virtually, with many of you, and I look forward to our interactions.  Keep up your good work and I wish you all the best!



3 thoughts on “Insight & Input

  1. Maybe you can write about things that have to do with writing. I keep a writing blog, but I do share some of my personal life with my readers. Maybe be more consistent? Talk about the books you read? But, it all depends on what you want to talk about in your blog. Some people just vent and other people can relate to it. Whatever you choose just stick to it.


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