Another Tool For Screenwriters (& Maybe Your Next Interview)

HelpfulTips“Tell me a little bit about yourself.”  A statement we’ve heard time and time again during interviews, but who knew the importance of that question when you’re trying to sell a screenplay?  Thankfully I came across this article, The Deal Closer: Your Personal Narrative by screenwriting career coach Lee Jessup, because as screenwriters we needed one more thing to worry about. 😉  To sum up the article, the basic idea is that our writing can be wonderful, but so must we.  Selling our work the first time out is rare, but in order to work – staff writing positions, contract work – we must be able to sell ourselves as well.  Let me add this to my Professional To Do List: #19.  *I exhale a heavy sigh at the revelation of one more element to master.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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