Open to Suggestion

Hi all!


I am calling on my fellow bloggers – Who or what blogs do you recommend?  Offer up to me some of your favorite writing, screenwriting, geek culture, sci-fi/fantasy, history, something for an Anglophile, or anything that piques your interest blogs…I am open to suggestion.

Feel free to promote yourself! 😉

xx, Rach


5 thoughts on “Open to Suggestion

  1. Urban Poetrees has some lovely and unique poems, if that also fits your interests. I blog in prose more and experiment with various genres, formats, and styles (hence the name, Experiments in Writing).


    • I will make this confession…I’m not a big fan of poetry, which is sort of shocking because I’m a bit of a romantic. I am following your work though! 🙂 And I will definitely check this out. Thanks!


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