Quotes of the Week & A Little Something Extra

Sometimes knowing a decision has to be made does not make the action occur any quicker.  Nor make it any easier.  Sometimes you need an external persuasive element, and sometimes you don’t want it or need it at all, but it happens nonetheless.  In the face of such challenges, we, not only as writers, but just as people, need to maintain our perseverance.

Yes, this is relevant to what is happening in my own life, as a decision was made for me and The Sis, one we had been kind of trying to avoid for as long as possible.

It is necessary to remind ourselves that bumps in the road, detours, and change are just part of the journey.

TryFallChangeRise       PerseveranceIsStubbornnessW:Purpose    Persevere1

And the “little something extra” is a freebie!  Gotta love that!

I met with an entertainment career coach at the beginning of the year, Shawn Tolleson, here in LA.  She helped to put some things into perspective, something I needed at the time.  Something I may need again. 😉  She is offering a free online class.  Here is the link to sign up.

Happy Wednesday!


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