It’s That Time Again – It’s Quote Day!

EveryNewDayEvery so often I need to remind myself that life is a journey, things happen for a reason, I need to be thankful for that which I have, and that all troubles are temporary.

We laid my dear friend to rest last week, then I had another friend confide in me about his struggles with depression and his current suicidal thoughts.  I’ve had a lot of time to think on how fragile we all are, and how precious life truly is.  We sometimes take it for granted, because we think we have time, but, as time continues on (and it somehow begins to move faster and faster), I’ve started to look at things differently.  This is something that comes with age, I think.  Suddenly you’re further along in your life and you don’t remember getting there.

ItWillHappenThere really is no reason to wait for the right opportunity.  If you want something go after it.  I keep using excuses, and here it is the end of another year and the last few months have been a blur.  I’m hoping after this week, when we finally get into our new place, things will start coming back together.

So I’m sending out the positivity today!  With the holidays upon us, our time slips away amidst all the small tasks that will fill up our days from now until the new year – so remember to take time for yourself, do a little each day, and eventually we’ll all get where we want to go. NotPerfectBestIsYetToCome

Wishing you all the best!  Here’s to making our dreams a reality!


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