Writing Prompt #40 & A Little Reflection

It’s been a while, I know, and I have missed this part of my blog.  I like finding images I hope you’ll find inspiring, and when I decided to take up the Writing Prompt Challenges myself, I was encouraged to continue…and here we are, No# 40.

I’ve been doing some soul searching the past few days as I lost one of my dearest friends on Thursday.  We had been friends 25 years and since my moving back to Las Vegas, we had talked about getting together and reuniting our old group of friends, but just hadn’t made it happen.  I was taken aback on Friday morning when I popped on Facebook for a quick minute before doing work and the top post was in regards to his passing.  It hit me hard, and really got me thinking about life in general.  I suppose that’s natural when someone dies unexpectedly.

Tomorrow isn’t promised.  We shouldn’t wait to do the things we want.  Everyday is a new beginning to make changes.  Appreciate the ones you love.  Find your passion.

So you may be wondering what this has to do with my writing prompt.  I’ve been slacking.  I’ve lost my passion for my writing, and I’m blaming a job, and the fact that we’re still staying with my friend because we haven’t found a place to live.  I don’t have my normal routine, things are sort of chaotic, and hence my writing has been relegated to the furthest recesses of my mind.  I don’t even think about it most days, and that is sad.  I’m not going to get philosophical, but my friend’s death did put some things into perspective for me, and (more) changes are coming.

So in my continuing effort to get back on track it’s time to start writing again and rekindle my love!  Here is this week’s prompt that will hopefully inspire –


I wish you all well, my friends!


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