Goodbye 2014

BigBenNewYearI am completely taken aback that another year has come to a close.  How does this keep happening?  And why does time continue to go by faster and faster?  It’s not like I’m having so much fun that time is flying by.  😉

I had started thinking about doing a year in review type thing, but because I’m not one for making resolutions (I think change can happen anytime you want it to and I am all for making goals throughout the year) why would I bookmark the end of the year when there are still so many things going on?

What the New Year does tell me is that I’m this much closer to a scary birthday.  (Insert sob)  Spring tells me it’s time to get my writing in order (again…still) because it’s time to send out the scripts for contests and for pilot/hiring season.

Seriously, where has the time gone?  2015?!  I know everyone will be saying this, but gracious…I’m still in a state of awe.

So Happy New Year, my friends!  I wish for you a year full of dreams, goals, possibilities, and doing what we love – I look forward to seeing what we are all able to accomplish.  Be safe as you enjoy ringing in the New Year with friends and loved ones.

Best wishes!

xx, Rach

*Sorry this is on the short side, but technically I’m supposed to be working. 🙂



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